Quick Sweet and Sour Fish

Easiest recipe for sweet and sour fish you’ll ever find. Serve with white rice or noodles. 


Today’s recipe is one of my bf’s favorites: Sweet and Sour Fish. Actually, he likes just about anything sweet and sour. Sweet and sour chicken, sweet and sour fish, plain sweet and sour sauce.. I’m not even kidding. He’ll eat it all. Yes, even the sauce. And who can blame him? Sweet and sour is delicious. In addition, you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen for it either. If you make this quick cheat version, you can start eating in less than 15 minutes. Here’s how: 

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Pork and Cabbage Dumplings

These homemade pork and cabbage dumplings are perfect to serve as a snack or for lunch with other dim sum dishes. Pan-fry these in some oil or steam for a healthier version.


It’s dumpling time again! There’s just something about dumplings that make me so excited (and hungry). Especially pan-fried dumplings (pot-stickers). It’s probably the crunchy part that makes me go wild. I’m a sucker for crunchy. How about you? I mean, don’t get me wrong: Steamed dumplings are definitely good too and they make me feel a bit healthier when I eat them instead of pan-fried hehe… But biting into a soft filling and hitting that golden brown crunchy bottom.. Oh man, that’s drugs on a plate, right there. Somebody better call the police. Honestly, everyone has to try pan-fried dumplings at least once in their life. It’s super easy and just about any dumpling can be pan-fried.  Read more

INSTANT Vietnamese Beef Pho (TO GO)

Simplified instant AND to-go version of Vietnamese Beef Pho (noodlesoup). Complete salt-control and fresh ingredients. Best option if you’re craving an awesome noodlesoup, but are too lazy to spend time in the kitchen. Great to take to work for lunch too.


Hello fellow food-lovers! For the past few days I’ve been studying for an important test. You might’ve noticed the lack of recipes/posts and my absence on Facebook. However, I’m proud to say: I passed the test! I have 6 more tests coming up, but I’ll try to keep my blogging as consistent as possible. Anyway, what have you been up to? 

Today I’m back with one of the most exciting recipes I’ve shared so far. My dad is probably going to kill me for this recipe, but I’m so happy to share it with you guys! It’s easy, super delicious and you can even take it to go (just like this oatmeal mix)! I’m talking about INSTANT Vietnamese Beef Pho right here! Yes, you read that right, PHO!! Vietnamese noodle soup. Did you know I love love love noodles? Instant ramen, homemade udon, delicious soba stir fry, cheat curry noodle soup… You name it, I’ll eat it. Just like today’s recipe. Make it ahead in a mason jar and you can enjoy hot homemade noodle soup at work. PHO at work! My life is complete! Read more

Ji Dan Gao (Chinese Steamed Egg Cake)

A light and soft plain Chinese spongecake. Steamed and no added fats! This cake is traditionally served for dim sum.


In the spirit of “healthy” eating, I decided to share a Chinese steamed cake with you guys today. Yup, steamed. No baking involved. No oven needed, just a stove. This cake is soft and super fluffy. It contains just 5 ingredients and has no added fats! A healthy cake! Although.. I must admit there’s still sugar involved. So I guess it’s not that healthy. This chicken stirfry is what we call healthy. But who makes cake without sugar? I certainly don’t. Without sugar my Lemon Glazed Vanilla Cake, Apple Cinnamon Mug Cake and Almond Chiffon Cake wouldn’t be half as good. Let’s face it, sugar makes all cakes better. Oh well, we can’t have it all, right? No fats ánd no sugar?! The answer to that is a cucumber ^^” So let’s just call this recipe semi-healthy. Just to keep everybody happy. No added fats and a bit of refined sugar. Either way, this cake is definitely delicious and it’s the most basic cake you’ll ever find. 😉

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Healthy Chicken & Snap Pea Stirfry

Healthy and easy chicken stirfry! Tender chicken, snappy sweet snap peas, bamboo shoots and a hint of ginger. Delicious with a bowl of hot steamy rice. Ready in LESS than 30 minutes!


January is the month of healthy eating. The month of making up for December’s binges and the month of getting back on track. It can be a difficult month sometimes, but I’m here to help you make it work. On the diet-front anyway. Last week I shared how to set goals and today I’m sharing a new delicious healthy recipe with you guys. This dish is healthy, infused with asian flavors and ready in less than 30 minutes! Isn’t that great? Who knew healthy could be this awesome? This recipe is one of my go-to healthy recipes and I’m positive you’re going to love this too!

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