Basic Fluffy Bread Dough

My go-to basic breaddough recipe using Tang Zhong-method. This method uses water roux and results in amazing soft and fluffy buns. This dough isn’t very salty or sweet so it is very versatile and can be used with just about any filling.

Last week I shared a video for pigs in a blanket with you guys. As there were a few questions about the dough, I decided to share my recipe (and video) for the dough with you guys too. This is my go-to bread dough. And when I say go-to, I really mean go-to. Seriously, I think I’ve never made any other dough than this one. I love it that.much.  Read more

Basic Sponge Cake

Simple light sponge cake. This basic cake is perfect for birthday cakes.


It’s almost w-e-e-k-e-n-d again! That means it’s time to get something baking again. (Although… I don’t really need the weekend as an excuse to bake something delicious.) I’ve got a whole lot of recipes planned again this weekend. Especially some recipes that need testing. Bread, muffins, savory dishes.. Imma eat it all hehe.. Small sneakpeak: There’ll be a super fun (if I may say so myself) sweet pumpkin recipe online soon! Okay, probably multiple recipes, but NOW is the time to go crazy with pumpkins, right? Thumbs up for pumpkin season. A while back I already shared these savory vegan wraps with you guys and this -almost ancientpumpkin soup. But I thought it was really time for something sweet now. Stay tuned.

Last weekend I’ve been non-stop busy in my kitchen too and I made this super easy sponge cake. I’ve been making this recipe for years now and never had to tweak it. It’s an original! Every single time I make this cake, I get Read more

Basic Fried Rice

Basic fried rice recipe. Better than take-out and completely adjustable to your taste! Quick and easy dinner option.


Totally suffering from cystitis as I’m writing this. (Sorry if that’s TMI ^^” ) Have you ever had it? I hate the feeling I need to use the bathroom all.the.time. And I know the doctor can prescribe antibiotics, but I just really dislike using medicine (yeah, I know, I’m a pharmacist.. xD). At the moment trying to drink lots and lots of tea. Seriously, lots. So let’s hope it’ll be gone by tomorrow 😀 Anyway, ‘nough about me-me-me. Today, we’re going to shine some light on a very popular (but easy) Asian dish: fried rice (a.k.a. nasi). It’s my favorite quick dinner. Yep, that’s right: quick. Once you’ve got your ingredients, it barely takes 10 minutes to make. 10 minutes! And it’s better than take-out too! Are you ready?!

Little side note: Don’t mind the Read more