Better Than Take-Out Broccoli and Beef

Classic Chinese take-out dish made in your own kitchen! Easy as take-out, but better in taste. No MSG. (Unless you want to add MSG, ofcourse)


I’ve told you guys this in my last vlog, but I think I’m addicted to renovation programs. I just finished “Property Brothers” and I’m hung up on “Fixer Upper” as we speak type. I’ve been watching these two programs for the past few weeks now. I know there’s a lot of controversy around these programs and that people think it’s fake, but I don’t really care. I just love watching the house transformations. Makes me want to take up on a fixer upper. Isn’t that hilarious?! I really shouldn’t though. I’d probably get sick from stress halfway through the project ánd hurt myself a gazillion times haha.. It’s good to have dreams and goals though. Read more

INSTANT Vietnamese Beef Pho (TO GO)

Simplified instant AND to-go version of Vietnamese Beef Pho (noodlesoup). Complete salt-control and fresh ingredients. Best option if you’re craving an awesome noodlesoup, but are too lazy to spend time in the kitchen. Great to take to work for lunch too.


Hello fellow food-lovers! For the past few days I’ve been studying for an important test. You might’ve noticed the lack of recipes/posts and my absence on Facebook. However, I’m proud to say: I passed the test! I have 6 more tests coming up, but I’ll try to keep my blogging as consistent as possible. Anyway, what have you been up to? 

Today I’m back with one of the most exciting recipes I’ve shared so far. My dad is probably going to kill me for this recipe, but I’m so happy to share it with you guys! It’s easy, super delicious and you can even take it to go (just like this oatmeal mix)! I’m talking about INSTANT Vietnamese Beef Pho right here! Yes, you read that right, PHO!! Vietnamese noodle soup. Did you know I love love love noodles? Instant ramen, homemade udon, delicious soba stir fry, cheat curry noodle soup… You name it, I’ll eat it. Just like today’s recipe. Make it ahead in a mason jar and you can enjoy hot homemade noodle soup at work. PHO at work! My life is complete! Read more

Cheesy Beef and Rice Burrito

Creamy, melty-cheese-loaded burrito’s filled with zesty Mexican rice and a mildly spicy beef-bean mixture. Inspired by Chipotle. Best homemade Mexican fastfood ever.


Last Wednesday I showed you guys my recipe for cilantro and lime tomato rice. Today, I’ll be showing you how to use it to make an actual AMAZING beef and rice burrito. This recipe was inspired by the burrito from Chipotle. And you guys just have to try this. It’s amazing. You will never want another burrito. This burrito is loaded with a delicious beef and veggies mixture, and is finished with a nice layer of oey-goey-melty melty cheese. It is heaven made at home. Perfect for a good simple dinner with friends (or as a cheat lunch. Yes, burritos can be lunch too 😉 )

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AMAZING Chinese BBQ Pulled Beef Sandwich

Tender and juicy BBQ pulled beef on a crunchy bun with fresh lettuce. A one-pot wonder and super easy too! This is the perfect Sunday lunch.


Weekend is awesome. More free time for fun and more free time to eat awesome food. If you know me, eating awesome food in particular gets me over-excited. Anyone with me? In our home, we try to make at least one special lunch each weekend. That is, I usually do the “making” and my boyfriend pops up when we get to the “eating”-part. Although a few weeks ago he saw a box of

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