Vegetarian Spicy Noodle Buns

Fluffy buns filled with a (slightly) spicy vegetarian filling made with chewy Korean noodles, napa cabbage and carrot.

I don’t know why but I don’t make homemade bread very often. Maybe it’s because my current kitchen is too small for proper bread kneading. However, a few weeks ago I got this crazy idea for buns with noodles in my head. The buns were inspired by vegetarian hotteok I had in Seoul a few years ago. Hotteok are fried stuffed pancakes. The ones I had, were stuffed with veggies and noodles. As I was craving that filling in a bun I decided to do some experimenting in my kitchen. If you love veggies, these buns will totally become your thing.

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Fragrant Cheese Onion Buns

Soft bread rolls stuffed with cheese and golden brown onions. These buns are super soft and very fragrant. Perfect as appetizer or to accompany a good hearty soup.


Hiya guys! Just dropped off my car at the garage for regular check-up and did some University duties. This week feels like it’s been crazy busy, but at the same time I feel like I haven’t done a thing. Do you know that feeling? It’s probably cause I had to work till 10 PM last Tuesday and had migraine on Wednesday. Time flies when those things happen. Anyway, today I’ve decided to finish up this blogpost and do nothing after that. For the rest of the day. (Okay, except for picking up the car, doing groceries and cooking dinner lol…) I seriously need some recharging time haha… Planning on watching Drive Me Crazy (old I know) again. I remember going crazy over the Britney Spears music video back then. Yes, I admit: I was a Britney fan. I still love that MV. And honestly, I still have all her first CDs in my car ánd still listen to them. Sometimes my boyfriend asks me if I got stuck in the 90’s haha.. I might’ve. Who can blame me? It was a great century! Read more

AMAZING Chinese BBQ Pulled Beef Sandwich

Tender and juicy BBQ pulled beef on a crunchy bun with fresh lettuce. A one-pot wonder and super easy too! This is the perfect Sunday lunch.


Weekend is awesome. More free time for fun and more free time to eat awesome food. If you know me, eating awesome food in particular gets me over-excited. Anyone with me? In our home, we try to make at least one special lunch each weekend. That is, I usually do the “making” and my boyfriend pops up when we get to the “eating”-part. Although a few weeks ago he saw a box of

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Amazing Chickpea Cheeseburgers

Soft, fragrant burgers made from chickpeas. These burgers are full of flavor and are suitable for vegetarians too! Serve with (sweet potato) fries, chips or a healthy salad. vegetarian-cheeseburger-01_02

Burgers are one of my favorite cheat meals. And I don’t mean the McDonalds or Burger King burgers, but actual fresh homemade burgers. Juicy burgers with fresh cut tomatoes, crispy lettuce, a dollop of mayonnaise and ketchup, finished with a slice of melty cheddar cheese. Ohhh yum! Foodgasm 😉 I really love my meats. However, I do have my vegetarian moments sometimes. Just like last weekend, when we enjoyed Read more