Single Serving Vegan Lava Cake

Delicious rich and gooey chocolate lava cake. Just enough for one. Or maybe for two if you’re trying to eat less 😉 Suitable for vegans.

May I present to you: The result of my endless attempts at making a single serve lava cake recipe. If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen some of my failures pop up. It took me about 7 cakes until I got it right, but I finally have the perfect single serve lava cake for you guys. Rich chocolate flavor with a gooey liquid core. Addictively good. And I even went an extra mile and made it vegan! Read more

Pandan Kaya Swiss Roll

Soft pandan cake, covered with kaya and coconut, rolled into a beautiful swiss roll. This is just about the softest cake you’ll ever find. 

I’m obsessed with swiss rolls at the moment. Not just obsessed with making them, but also obsessed with eating them. Okay, honestly it’s mostly about the eating but let’s pretend I’m interested in making them too. Lol. They’re just SO good. Really. The first swiss rolls I shared with you guys was this vanilla swiss roll stuffed with whipped cream. I love love love whipped cream. My bf went crazy over the vanilla rolls too. However, as some you might know, my dad’s gf does not eat dairy. Therefor, I wanted to make a dairy-free swiss roll for her. The result? This pandan swiss roll with kaya (coconut jam) and grated coconut instead of whipped cream. It’s amazing. You will not miss the dairy. Read more

Moist Chocolate Cake

Super moist and rich chocolate cake covered. Plain, simple, delicious.

Everyone needs basic recipes. Just like this basic chocolate cake recipe. This cake is moist, rich and full of chocolate flavor. The secret lies within good quality cocoa powder and rich sour cream. The first ingredient will give this cake its deep chocolate flavor. The second, creates a delicious fluffy and moist texture. What more do you need? Exactly. I won’t waste more of your time with useless words and move right onto the foodporn and recipe. Read more

Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting

Lovely light chocolate cake filled with strawberry jam and finished with a delicious strawberry cream cheese frosting.


Making cakes can take quite some time. However, when I do have time, it’s my favorite thing to do. Removing that perfect cake from the baking pan, adding small detailed decorations.. I love it all. I even still love slicing a cake in half with a cake leveler. I’ve done it many times before, but it still gets met excited. Cutting a cake perfectly straight in half gives me such a great happy feeling. Yes, I’m weird. I know. But if you love baking too, I bet you know what I mean. Today’s cake is
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Fall Chocolate Chip Spice Loaf Cake

Lovely spiced loaf cake made with butter and stuffed with chocolate chips. This cake is perfect for fall. It will ease you into the holiday spirit.


My gosh guys, it’s already freezing cold again in The Netherlands! Haha, okay, I admit: I’m cold quite fast; we’re not even halfway Autumn yet and I’ve already pulled all my sweaters out of the closet. What to do when it’s actually winter? Wear even more layer, I guess? Might arrive at work like a Michelin Man by that time lol. Thank goodness there are also good things about this season. Beautiful things like baking. Like this spice loaf cake I baked last weekend. This cake will get you in the festive mood, guaranteed.

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