Seoul 2014 – Foodporn: Bakeries part 1

Bakeries in Korea are so awesome. Seriously, it’s very different from Dutch bakeries: I love the “self-service” and the endless samples. Besides the usual bread, they also sell be-au-ti-ful cakes. And when I say beautiful, I mean drop-dead-gorgeous! I wish my cakes would look like that hehe… Read more

Seoul 2014 – Food Kit Haul


In one of my previous posts about Korea’s toy stores, I told you guys about the awesome food kits they sold. Well, I loved the kits so much (might’ve been the cute packaging too by the way…), that I actually got myself a couple of kits. Just so I could try them out at home (a.k.a. play with clay 😀 ) and ofcourse, to share the experience with you guys. (Yes, I’m aware of my age hehe…) Because I wanted to prevent photo-overload in the toy store-blog (which still ended up to be photo-overloaded hehe.. ^^”), I’m sharing the pictures of my little haul in this post today 😀  Read more

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

This Japanese Cotton Cheesecake is exactly like the name implies: cotton soft. The pillow soft texture combined with the creamy flavor, makes this delicious cheesecake the perfect treat!


Oh my gosh you guys, today’s recipe is so delicious, you won’t believe it! This Japanese Cheesecake is really a reward to eat! When you take a bite, you will feel like you’ve sunken your teeth in clouds. Creamy clouds with a slight hint of vanilla. The texture is very, very, very soft and a bit cake-like. The flavor of this cake is deliciously creamy. So this cake will kill Read more