Rolo Stuffed Cookies

Thick vanilla cookies. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Stuffed with Rolo candy! Oozing caramel inside. Chocolate chips optional.

Hello, hello, everyone! Did you have a great Christmas? What did you do? We enjoyed plenty of great food over here. In addition, I was spoilt with a whole lot of gifts. I’ll upload a video on that soon. Anyway, today I’m sharing my last cookie recipe for 2016. And it’s a good one. Seen as my Nutella cookies were quite a hit, I decided to make my last cookies recipe another stuffed kind of cookie. For this recipe, I stuffed delicious vanilla butter cookies with Rolos! Yep, that means you’re getting a gooey caramel core for free with these cookies. Read more

Foodgift: Chocolate & Peanut Salted Caramel Bark

Salted caramel bark topped with a layer of chocolate and chunks of peanuts. Perfect to gift for the holidays. Only 5 ingredients.

Can you guys believe Christmas is only one more week away? Time flies! Do you guys have your gifts ready yet? I’ve got the “main” gifts, but I’m that person who likes to add some more gifts last-minute haha.. Should you be looking for a small gift, I’ve got the perfect recipe for you. Indeed, a recipe. Because who doesn’t like to get free food? Today, I’ll show you how to make Chocolate & Peanut SALTED Caramel Bark. Yuppp, that’s right: salted. Because I love anything salted + caramel.  Read more

Foodgift: Salted Pecan Praline

Sugary sweet, crunchy praline stuffed with plenty chunks of salted pecans. Pure holiday indulgence.


Hello m’lovelies! No, your mind isn’t tricking you: A new post on tuesday! I’ll be sharing recipes for edible Christmas presents everyday this week. In case you get in trouble with gifts, these ideas are perfect to make last-minute. Yesterday, I talked you through a gift for dark chocolate lovers with instructions on tempering chocolate. Today, we’ll satify the cravings of caramel lovers with this salted pecan praline. You’ll need just a few instructions and 5 simple ingredients. Read more