Chewy Mocha Bars

Rich bars topped with a lush firm ganache. These bars are very chewy and strong in mocha flavor. These bars are very decadent. One small bar is the perfect treat to accompany your cup of tea.

Do you recognize that when you have a recipe in mind, do some testing and end up with something completely different but super delicious? That’s what happened when I made these mocha bars. I’m pretty sure you can relate if you’re a(n amateur) baker like me. When I was still in middle school (highschool), I used to work at a kind-of bakery (don’t ask) called Bakker Bart. We sold these amazing brownie bars with nuts and a delicious ganache on top. I’m not sure if they still sell it (I doubt it) but I was craving those brownies so bad last week so I decided to make my own. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan ahead very well and ended up missing a couple of ingredients. Being the lazy person I am, I decided to work with what I had and see what would happen. Results? Delicious chewy mocha bars with a ganache topping. These bars are more like a chewy cookie than brownies, but who cares what they’re called when they taste delicious? Exactly. No one. Read more

Quick Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rich, chewy chocolate chip cookies ready in less than 30 minutes! Throw them straight in the oven from the bowl and you’re set. Glass of milk mandatory 😉


Brr.. It’s so cold right now in The Netherlands. To be honest, the weather isn’t too bad for this time of the year but we recently found out the heating of our apartment isn’t working. Restoring will cost us a couple of hundred euros. Now, the costs isn’t even our biggest problem. Nope. Because we have floor heating, we’ll have to remove everything from our apartment to be able to restore the heating/floor… That’s a whole lot of time and work! And as we’re planning on buying a house in the near future, we decided to die of cold (okay that’s over-dramatic lol) for one winter rather than investing time, money ánd effort on an apartment that’s rental. I guess less heating is better for the environment too so win-win? Hehe… Also, we discovered the heat of our oven is able to keep our living room (open kitchen) semi-warm so it looks like I’ll have to do some extra baking this winter. What a disappointment, huh? 😉  Read more

Chewy Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Rich, chewy chocolate cookies stuffed with hazelnuts and topped with a sprinkle of seasalt. These chocolate cookies have a soft center and are truly easy to make. Perfect to accompany a cup of tea during the chilly fall weather.


TGIF! Time for weekend. Do you guys have any exciting plans? I don’t have anything special planned. Just some shooting, editing and blogging. Standard stuff. We did have crazy hot weather this week by the way. It’s cooling off this weekend though.. Which I actually like. Too much heat isn’t nice either. I feel like after my Tokyo trip, I’ve gotten to appreciate the cool Dutch weather a bit more. Definitely not looking forward to winter weather though haha.. #firstworldproblems 😛 Speaking about winter, can you believe winter’s almost here? Time flies. It’s crazy. Usually, I’m getting ready for the Facebook Cookie Swap around this time of the year. Meaning: brainstorming about new cookies; new cookies, new flavors, new textures.. Unfortunately, the cookie swap has been canceled this year (aww…!!!). But if you think that’s going to stop me from developing cookies this year, you’re dead wrong! As a matter of fact, the first couple of cookie batches have already succesfully left my kitchen. Today, I’m sharing my first and possibly my favorite recipe (+video!). Also, did I mention there’s seasalt involved? So good. And there are only 14 cookies in a batch so you won’t have a gazillion cookies for leftovers like most cookie recipes (which I wouldn’t mind actually, but my tummy might..). Seriously, you’ve got to try this.

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White Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Cookies

Thin crunchy cinnamon cookies with a soft chewy core. Packed with white chocolate chips. Great to compliment that hot cuppa tea!


Monday, fun day! Or maybe not haha.. Anyway, holidays are coming up and it’s crazy busy at work. I’ve been working so much overtime this month and now work is starting to chip off some time from my weekends too. *le sigh* It’s like everyone’s waiting for the holiday spirit to get their medicines ^^” Luckily, these crazy days will be over as soon as we hit January, maybe February. (I hope) For now, life is Read more

Ultimate Thick Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thick chocolate chip cookies: Soft chewy core with a nice crunch on the edges. Packed with chocolate chips.


Confession: I’m obsessed. Obsessed with cookies. I got into cookie testing for the #fbcookieswap (check back on Dec 15th for that recipe! ^_~ ) and I haven’t been able to stop creating new cookie recipes ever since. I’m just loving cookie science. Everything adds up when you adjust ingredients. Just what this neurotic perfectionist loves. 😉 [Check out this great article on cookie science for some light reading.] Anyway, I’ve been baking so many cookies lately, two tummies Read more