Chicken Ramen Stir Fry

Basic ramen stirfry with juicy chicken thighs, thin strips of omelette and plenty of veggies. I used green beans but you can use any vegetable you like. Ready in less than 30 minutes!

I’m a noodles addict. I love eating noodles for lunch and I love eating it for dinner. If I could, I’d eat it for breakfast. However, I also love sleep. Sleep trumps noodles for breakfast. Sorry. (Anyone with me?) I love noodle soups, but unless the noodle soup is called “Pho”, dry/stir fried noodles are my absolute favorite. Even with instant noodles, I prefer the “dry” kind. For those of you who are just like me, I’m sharing my basic chicken ramen stir fry recipe today. It’s a basic, very easy ánd so versatile recipe. Depending on your taste, you can add more flavor to the sauce, add more/different veggies and/or use a completly different noodle. I just happen to love “fresh” ramen. Make sure the noodle you want to use is suitable for stir frying. Some noodles are only suitable for soups and will turn to mush if you try to use it for stir frying. In addition to the noodles and vegetables, you can also swap the chicken for beef, pork or a vegetarian alternative. Even meatless is an option. You could make a different noodle dish for every day of the week with this basic recipe! I try to keep it to once per week though: My bf and I love noodles so much we eat about two servings each whenever I make this dish. #fatcouple Read more

BBQ Chicken Nachos

My boyfriend and I are usually both quite busy throughout the week. That’s why we try to spend quality time in the weekends. Whenever “movie night” is planned, this is one of my (and his) FAVORITE dishes: BBQ chicken nachos. Easy, quick and super super delicious. Guaranteed crowd pleaser. This is one recipe you can’t miss.


My gosh, doesn’t this photo looks GORGEOUS? As I’m writing this, I’m salivating all over again. And you are too. I know it. Don’t be shy to admit it 😉 Now, I’ve shared my Asian Style Nachos with you guys before, but today’s nachos might be my new favorite. BBQ-sauce, chicken and lots of good melty cheese. Oh, and don’t forget the sour cream. Sour cream is love. Tell me, who can resist this? In addition, nachos are so e-a-s-y to make. Really, trust me. By adding just a couple of ingredients, you turn simple (boring) chips into a true foodgasm. Just check out the 2 min video down below ↓↓↓ This is perfect for movie-nights, as a party snack or (if you’re in a crazy mood) for dinner. Anything is possible, if you just believe (who can tell me which movie that is? 😀 )

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BEST Char Siu Pao

Super fluffy pao dough with a savoury char siu (Chinese BBQ Chicken) filling. Easy to make and great for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. Freezer-proof.


Finally!!!! After countless of tries, I finally have the PERFECT recipe for pau dough for you guys. I’ve made pau before, but there was always something that was wrong. Wet, dry, dense. However, today I made the best batch of char siu paus. Seriously, they’re so.good. Soft and oh-so fluffy. I ate just about all of them straight after steaming. And as I’m typing this, I’m munching on another one. Not kidding. To be honest I was planning on taking this batch to my dad’s (and the rest of the family) this weekend, but I think I’ll have to make another batch. Sorry, dad. I have no self-control when it comes to char siu pau haha..  Read more

15 x Healthy Dinner Inspiration


It’s Monday evening and I’m writing up this week’s Friday post. This is not my usual stuff. Weekends have been hectic lately, so I had to move some things around in my schedule. This weekend won’t be any different. My boyfriend’s friends are coming over for gamenight and I have to attend a party this weekend (poor me). In addition, I have a test Monday, so I’ll be studying my ass off in between. I have to pass this one. If time will let me, I’m hoping to get some baking and cooking done too. Gotta have my relaxation time, right? 😉 How about you guys? Got any exciting plans?

In The Netherlands, we’re still enjoying days of snow at the moment. I must admit I’m already looking forward to summer. We’ve been looking for a new destination for this summer, but haven’t been able to make a decision just yet. We’re (read: I’m) not sure what we want. All sun and just beach, a cultural trip or a bit of both? Decisions, decisions. I don’t know. Luckily, there are still a couple of months left to decide. Have you decided on summer vacation yet?

Anyway, let’s get back on topic. As you all know, I’m dedicating a few posts to new year’s (food) resolutions this month. I shared my secrets on making resolutions stick, gave you inspiration for healthy food ánd posted a recipe for this AMAZING healthy Chinese steamed cake. The only “bad” thing I shared this month so far is this finger-licking-good-recipe for Strawberry Lava Chocolate Cake. The lava cake doesn’t coun’t though as it’s meant for Valentines day, which is in February. So technically January is still “healthy”. Right? 😉 To keep us on track, I’m sharing 15 recipes for healthy dinners today. Healthy, but delicious dinners! And don’t worry, I’ve taken into account that many of you have a busy schedule. Read more