Pumpkin Hummus with a Kick

Smooth and creamy hummus made with sweet pumpkin. This hummus has a slight kick to it from the chili and contains no oil. Serve with bread or use as a dip.

It’s about time I shared a recipe other than baked goodies with you guys again. I can’t even remember the last time. The past few months have all been cookies, cupcakes and more. But today it’s time for homemade hummus! Pumpkin hummus. A while back I tried this store-bought pumpkin hummus in one of my taste tests (Dutch) and both me and my boyfriend liked it a lot. And so I decided to make my own version. A version without added sugar and less salt. It turned out delicious (if I may say so myself). I’ve made this hummus a couple of times now and each of those times the batch hasn’t lasted more than a few days. Gone in a jiffy. That good.

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Amazing Chickpea Cheeseburgers

Soft, fragrant burgers made from chickpeas. These burgers are full of flavor and are suitable for vegetarians too! Serve with (sweet potato) fries, chips or a healthy salad. vegetarian-cheeseburger-01_02

Burgers are one of my favorite cheat meals. And I don’t mean the McDonalds or Burger King burgers, but actual fresh homemade burgers. Juicy burgers with fresh cut tomatoes, crispy lettuce, a dollop of mayonnaise and ketchup, finished with a slice of melty cheddar cheese. Ohhh yum! Foodgasm 😉 I really love my meats. However, I do have my vegetarian moments sometimes. Just like last weekend, when we enjoyed Read more