Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting

Lovely light chocolate cake filled with strawberry jam and finished with a delicious strawberry cream cheese frosting.


Making cakes can take quite some time. However, when I do have time, it’s my favorite thing to do. Removing that perfect cake from the baking pan, adding small detailed decorations.. I love it all. I even still love slicing a cake in half with a cake leveler. I’ve done it many times before, but it still gets met excited. Cutting a cake perfectly straight in half gives me such a great happy feeling. Yes, I’m weird. I know. But if you love baking too, I bet you know what I mean. Today’s cake is
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NUTELLA Stuffed Cookies

Soft baked hazelnut cookies with a slight cocoa flavor and stuffed with NUTELLA. Super easy, no chill dough and super gooey on the inside.


I think there are very little people in the world who don’t like Nutella. There aren’t many in my social circle that don’t like Nutella anyway. Actually, I think everyone in my circle likes Nutella. Except for my dad maybe. He likes his food savory. Savory and very well salted 😉 Today’s recipe is not for people like my dad. Nope, today, all other people are in for a treat! Nutella lovers, chocolate lovers, people with a sweet tooth, cookie monsters.. You will all love this. Because today, I’m sharing the ULTIMATE cookie ever with you guys. Seriously, my taste testers went crazy over these. One of my testers even put her no-sweets-diet aside for a day just for my cookies! (Sorry for ruining your diet.) The best comment I got? “It’s like a little surprise hidden in every cookie.” Everything a girl baker needs to hear. I can’t even tell you how excited -no scratch that- ECSTATIC I am to share these cookies with you guys. They’re dead easy (really) and SO GOOD. One batch won’t be enough. Read more

Chocolate Spiders (With Oreos!)

Rather cute than scary, but these chocolate spiders made from Oreos sure are fun to make. You only need four ingredients.


It’s almost Halloween again! To be honest, I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I thought it’d be fun to share a small DIY/recipe with you guys. A DIY for chocolate spiders. Cute, right? These spiders are super easy to make and taste delicious too! The best thing about this DIY is that YOU can decide how many of these sweet goodnesses you want to make. If you buy Oreos that come in serving size packaging, you only need to make two. Always welcome to make more of course 😉 In addition, if you’ve got European Oreos, you can even make these vegan by using vegan chocolate! (EU Oreos are vegan.)
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Fall Chocolate Chip Spice Loaf Cake

Lovely spiced loaf cake made with butter and stuffed with chocolate chips. This cake is perfect for fall. It will ease you into the holiday spirit.


My gosh guys, it’s already freezing cold again in The Netherlands! Haha, okay, I admit: I’m cold quite fast; we’re not even halfway Autumn yet and I’ve already pulled all my sweaters out of the closet. What to do when it’s actually winter? Wear even more layer, I guess? Might arrive at work like a Michelin Man by that time lol. Thank goodness there are also good things about this season. Beautiful things like baking. Like this spice loaf cake I baked last weekend. This cake will get you in the festive mood, guaranteed.

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BEST Brownies Ever (Vegan)

Best fudgy, but firm, brownies in the world. One Bowl. Suitable for vegans. 100% dairy free. Even non-vegans will go crazy over these brownies. You will never eat any other brownie again.


Hello chocoholics! How’s everyone? I’m having a bit of a down-day, but still trying to push through though 🙂 There’s a short story I need to get off my chest today. It’s totally non-food related so feel free to skip to the next paragraph for foodtalk 😉 This morning, I went to the doctor  and unfortunately it wasn’t my regular doctor (he’s great!). I didn’t go for something super serious by the way (no worries). The thing is though, this doctor was horrible. This woman just couldn’t listen to me. Every time I started talking, she would blab right through my story or finish my sentence for me (WTF?!). And she kept asking the same question over and over again even though I already answered it like a gazillion times! I seriously think she wasn’t listening to a word I said. In addition, she kept writing down my symptoms wrong and twisting my words. Éven after I corrected her multiple times. Also, at the end she blamed me that the appointment took more time than planned. The whole reason the appointment took too long was because she was all over the place! I was trying to get to the point and get out of there, but she kept asking the same questions and misunderstanding what I was saying! I’m still upset about it, even though I know I shouldn’t be lol. Silver lining: She decided to refer me to another doctor, because she couldn’t figure out the problem. There, end of rant. Back to food. 

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