Apple Crumble Muffins

Fluffy, buttery muffins with a crunchy topping of crumbs and filled with soft pieces of apple. These spiced muffins are better than store-bought.


Here I go again with the muffins. Sorry -not so sorry-, I just love love love making muffins. They’re so easy to make and easy to eat on-the-go too. Today, I’ll show you how to make the best moist and fluffy apple muffins with a crunchy crumbly top. These muffins are loaded with cinnamon so they’re perfect for this season. For this recipe, I used Gala apples. Why? Because I had those on hand and was too lazy to take another trip to the supermarket lol. You can basically use any apples you like. Granny Smith’s would be great too. It just depends on what kind of apples you like. So be lazy like me and use whatever you have on hand. Read more

Buttery Blueberry Cinnamon Muffins

Buttery cinnamon muffins with juicy blueberries. Muffins are super easy to make and take minimal effort. You’ll never buy muffins again.


Muffins are one of my favorite lazy bakes. I’ve got about 8 muffins recipes right here. And I’m pretty sure I’ll keep on adding muffins recipes for you guys. Today, I’m adding another one to my repertoire: blueberry cinnamon muffins. These muffins are very rich (using butter), yet still fluffy. Read more


Classic apple pie flavors baked into a cheesecake. Slightly tart apples combined with cinnamon and creamy cheesecake. Possibly the best looking and tasting cheesecake you’ll ever try.


I get quite excited from sharing most of my recipes with you guys. Whenever I share a recipe, it’s because I liked eating it. Once in a while I also develop recipes that make me crazy ECSTATIC. This is one of them. Apple.Pie.Cheesecake. I know what you’re thinking: AWESOMEBALLS(!!). Okay, maybe that’s what I was thinking… But once you try this, I just know you’ll think it too. Awesomeballs. That’s pretty much what sums up this cake. Apple pie combined with cheesecake. Seriously guys, life doesn’t get better than this. It’s heaven on your taste buds. So, have I transferred my ecstatic-ness (That’s not a word My Linh. I know. 😛 ) onto you yet? No? Then let me share some more details and eycandy (aka: VIDEO time!).

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Walnut and Raisin Spice Loaf Cake

Not into overly-sweet cakes? This is the recipe for you! Walnut, raisins and spices combined in a light and fluffy loaf cake. The fragrance is amazing.


Soooo… I bought a camera for vlogging. Yep, I went there. I’m still not very sure about it, but somehow I just hit that “check-out to order” button without thinking about it. You see, I’m going on a trip to Sweden and Japan(!!!) this summer and I thought it’d be fun to try vlogging instead of writing long (snooze-worthy?) essays like I did for our Seoul trip. I tried to use my DSLR when I was in Seoul, but it was really too bulky and heavy to drag along (let alone to film with). I usually ended up dunking the rock DSLR in my bf’s bag and only took it out on food important occasions. However, this year I’m being smart and got a light compact camera to bring along. I’ll try to do a few test shots to get used to filming in public, but I hope you guys look forward to my travel videos.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to tried my bf’s colleagues again. As he works at quite a big firm, treating his colleagues means I get to bake a whole lot of different stuff (poor me huh? 😉 ). Whenever I bake for a large group of people, I try to aim for different kinds of baked goodies so all tastes are catered for. One of the things I always try to add to the mix is something that isn’t too sweet. Baked goodies are often on the sweeter side, but there are always a few people who prefer less sweet food (including myself). Read more

BEST Apple-Cinnamon Mug Cake

Super soft and moist apple cinnamon mug cake. There’s not a chewy piece to find in this mug cake. Ready in 5 minutes too! Serve with a scoop of your favorite ice cream and you’re set. Best lazy dessert ever.


The weather over here is getting colder and colder. If you’re anything like me, you have zero cold tolerance and keep the water boiler working 24/7 to make plenty mugs of searing hot tea to keep your hands warm. Although I have thousands of tea flavors on stock, the winter is long (yes, autumn in The Netherlands counts as winter too xD) and tea can get a little bit boring sometimes. But fear not. Today, I have a new option for you: Delicious apple cinnamon mug cake to keep your hands warm. This mug cake is pure autumn in a mug. Soft, moist, full of cinnamon flavor, packed with soft warm apples and ready within 5 minutes. No oven needed, just a microwave. I’m not kidding. And there’s even a vegan option! You know you have to make this 😉 Did you know I have cheat recipes for oreo cream pie, pizza and curry laksa too?



What cake would you like to turn into a mug cake?

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