Foodgift: Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

The cutest mini chocolate chip cookies you’ll find. These very vanilla cookies are about 3 cm large, are soft-baked and stuffed with chocolate chips. Use white, semi-sweet or dark chips. Whatever you like. The most adorable food gift for Christmas!

Foodgift: Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies - Cutest Christmas Gift

Now Sinterklaas is over, it’s time for the kruidnoten recipes to make way for Christmas/holiday recipes. And what’s better than food gift recipes? Seriously, you can never go wrong with food gifts. The past few years I’ve shared chocolate & peanut salted caramel, peanut clusters, mocca hazelnut bark and so on. And it’s time to add more recipes to that list. Read more

Japanese Sweets – Pocky, Meiji and Matcha Cookies | TASTE TEST

Videos are in Dutch

My sister recently got back from Japan with a whole bag full of cookies and candies. In this video we put these goodies to the (taste) test! We tried new Pocky flavors, Matcha (green tea) sandwich biscuits, the famous Meji almonds and also gave some ultra sour lemon drops a shot! Are you ready for today’s taste test from Japan? Quickly grab your cuppa tea because we’re about to start a foodfest. 

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Soft Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thick, soft-baked triple chocolate chip cookies. These cookies use melted butter (use butter straight from the fridge!) and is loaded with chocolate chips. Use real vanilla paste for the best results.

Last week, I had a sudden craving for soft baked chocolate chip cookies. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that sudden: I got a free chocolate chip cookie at Foodcity in Groningen and wanted more. The cookie was super big and soft. So delicious. I wanted to have that same softness but also wanted smaller sized cookies. So I did some experimenting in the kitchen. The first cookies were rather flat (but soft!) so I had to change the ingredients. More flour, less butter. A few batches later, I had the perfect soft-baked chocolate chip cookies. My co-workers loved these cookies and so did my bf’s co-workers. You should really make this for the weekend! Read more

Rolo Stuffed Cookies

Thick vanilla cookies. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Stuffed with Rolo candy! Oozing caramel inside. Chocolate chips optional.

Hello, hello, everyone! Did you have a great Christmas? What did you do? We enjoyed plenty of great food over here. In addition, I was spoilt with a whole lot of gifts. I’ll upload a video on that soon. Anyway, today I’m sharing my last cookie recipe for 2016. And it’s a good one. Seen as my Nutella cookies were quite a hit, I decided to make my last cookies recipe another stuffed kind of cookie. For this recipe, I stuffed delicious vanilla butter cookies with Rolos! Yep, that means you’re getting a gooey caramel core for free with these cookies. Read more

NUTELLA Stuffed Cookies

Soft baked hazelnut cookies with a slight cocoa flavor and stuffed with NUTELLA. Super easy, no chill dough and super gooey on the inside.


I think there are very little people in the world who don’t like Nutella. There aren’t many in my social circle that don’t like Nutella anyway. Actually, I think everyone in my circle likes Nutella. Except for my dad maybe. He likes his food savory. Savory and very well salted 😉 Today’s recipe is not for people like my dad. Nope, today, all other people are in for a treat! Nutella lovers, chocolate lovers, people with a sweet tooth, cookie monsters.. You will all love this. Because today, I’m sharing the ULTIMATE cookie ever with you guys. Seriously, my taste testers went crazy over these. One of my testers even put her no-sweets-diet aside for a day just for my cookies! (Sorry for ruining your diet.) The best comment I got? “It’s like a little surprise hidden in every cookie.” Everything a girl baker needs to hear. I can’t even tell you how excited -no scratch that- ECSTATIC I am to share these cookies with you guys. They’re dead easy (really) and SO GOOD. One batch won’t be enough. Read more