Foodgift: Salted Pecan Praline

Sugary sweet, crunchy praline stuffed with plenty chunks of salted pecans. Pure holiday indulgence.


Hello m’lovelies! No, your mind isn’t tricking you: A new post on tuesday! I’ll be sharing recipes for edible Christmas presents everyday this week. In case you get in trouble with gifts, these ideas are perfect to make last-minute. Yesterday, I talked you through a gift for dark chocolate lovers with instructions on tempering chocolate. Today, we’ll satify the cravings of caramel lovers with this salted pecan praline. You’ll need just a few instructions and 5 simple ingredients. Read more

BAKERY STYLE Almond Chocolate Chip Streusel Muffins

Soft and fluffy almond muffins with chunks of almond and chocolate chips! Finished with a buttery crunchy streusel top.


A while back my boyfriend planned to visit his old colleagues and asked me if I had time to bake a something delicious for him to bring along as a treat. As almond muffins were on my to-do list for a while (and as I haven’t baked any muffins for a while), I decided to make chocolate chips almond muffins for him. Bakery style. Fragrant and (ofcourse) super soft. As a bonus, I added buttery crunchy streusel on top. That’s right, streusel! Cause, who doesn’t like streusel, right? These muffins are super fluffy with chunks of almond (and chocolate!) and a delicious crunchy muffin top. And did you know muffins are crazy easy too? I love baking muffins. No fuss and little dishes 😉


Muffins or cupcakes?

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BAKED Thick Sweet Chili Fries

Crispy fries baked in the oven and royally flavored with a sweet chili mixture. Perfect to have on the side or to devour as an amazing cheat snack.


I’m not going to lie to you. I work out 3/4 days a week and I need it. Seriously. I’ve never been the girl that stays stick thin even if she eats like a pig. Well, when I was little I was stick thin, but that was because I didn’t eat anything ^^” But when i eat like a pig, I become a pig. Kudos if you’re different and “I feel your pain” if you’re anything like me. That being said, I love working out. Especially because working out means I get to eat more food. It’s probably my main motivation; food. Like today’s thick BAKED (I never fry food because of the forever greasy smell) SWEET CHILI fries. That’s right. Sweet chili. We’re going there. Not just ordinary fries, but CRISPY fries covered in a delicious mix of herbs and spices. You have to try this. Asap.

P.S: Try the sweet chili mix on potato chips too!

What are your favorite kind of fries?

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Vanilla Butterring Cookies

Delicious Danish-style butter cookies. These cookies are slightly crunchy and oh so buttery. Fits any cookie-diet ^_~


A few weeks ago I was dreaming about Danish Buttercookies. I used to have an aunt in Sweden who would visit us once in a few years. And whenever she dropped by, she’d bring us a beautiful blue tin of “Danish Buttercookies”. At that time, our supermarkets didn’t have as much variety as they have nowadays. Therefor, the Danish Buttercookies were a real special treat. We loved those cookies. If our mom Read more

Matcha Meringues

Crunchy sweet meringues with the slightly bitter flavor of green tea. The bitterness cuts the sweetness perfectly. Easy to make and only 4 ingredients!

Okay, so I’m not sure about you guys, but my tummy is stuffed. Over-stuffed. Holiday food (foodporn soon!) was so good and it was so good to sit down with the whole family, but I’m kinda glad it’s over. It is possible to eat too much food, you know. Yes, even for foodies :’) Additionally, work’s less hectic this month, which means more relaxing and more blogging 😀 2015 is looking good so far ♥ Read more