Matcha Danish Rolls

Flaky Danish pastry with a matcha filling. These rolls are very buttery and aren’t too sweet.

These rolls are made from delicious flaky croissant dough and filled with a semi-sweet matcha filling. The dough takes quite some time to make, but the technique is very easy! I didn’t make the filling very sweet, but if you want a very sweet roll you can add more sugar to the filling. Whatever you like. Now, are you ready to see how you can get these delicious rolls in your home?

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Vanilla Butterring Cookies

Delicious Danish-style butter cookies. These cookies are slightly crunchy and oh so buttery. Fits any cookie-diet ^_~


A few weeks ago I was dreaming about Danish Buttercookies. I used to have an aunt in Sweden who would visit us once in a few years. And whenever she dropped by, she’d bring us a beautiful blue tin of “Danish Buttercookies”. At that time, our supermarkets didn’t have as much variety as they have nowadays. Therefor, the Danish Buttercookies were a real special treat. We loved those cookies. If our mom Read more