Healthy Bars | TASTE TEST

Videos are in Dutch

Hello, hello! It’s time for another taste test. (YAAAYYY!!) This time we tried a series of “healthy” bars. I say “healthy”, because I don’t think these bars are necessarily healthier dan other (candy)bars. Okay, they don’t contain any white sugar, but often the bars are still 50% made of sugar (but from dates). Yup, 50%. I checked and it’s not a lie. Eyeopener, right? In addition, I don’t feel like “glutenfree”, “vegan”, “raw”, “paleo” etcetera are necessarily  healthy either. Some of you might disagree with me, but that’s okay. I really mean that. It’s important to do what you believe in. And if that’s paleo or whateverYou go girl! That being said, healthy or not, I was curious if these bars tasted good or not. The boyfriend wanted to join in and so we did a taste test with the two of us. Read more