Coconut Pandan Jam (Nyonya Kaya)

Smooth coconut jam with a hint of pandan. This Asian jam is also known as “Kaya”. You can spread this sweet coconut jam on toast or stuff it in a pao

Coconut jam with pandan, nyonya kaya

Are you a fan of sweet spreads on bread?

If the answer is yes, you should definitely try today’s recipe! I already shared a recipe on coconut jam a while back, but my dad’s gf taught me a much simpler version with only four ingredients and I just had to share it with you guys. This coconut jam is sweet, thick and creamy. Exactly like it’s supposed to be but without the addition of thickening agents. Once you’ve tried this, you’ll be craving for more. Read more

Ji Dan Gao (Chinese Steamed Egg Cake)

A light and soft plain Chinese spongecake. Steamed and no added fats! This cake is traditionally served for dim sum.


In the spirit of “healthy” eating, I decided to share a Chinese steamed cake with you guys today. Yup, steamed. No baking involved. No oven needed, just a stove. This cake is soft and super fluffy. It contains just 5 ingredients and has no added fats! A healthy cake! Although.. I must admit there’s still sugar involved. So I guess it’s not that healthy. This chicken stirfry is what we call healthy. But who makes cake without sugar? I certainly don’t. Without sugar my Lemon Glazed Vanilla Cake, Apple Cinnamon Mug Cake and Almond Chiffon Cake wouldn’t be half as good. Let’s face it, sugar makes all cakes better. Oh well, we can’t have it all, right? No fats ánd no sugar?! The answer to that is a cucumber ^^” So let’s just call this recipe semi-healthy. Just to keep everybody happy. No added fats and a bit of refined sugar. Either way, this cake is definitely delicious and it’s the most basic cake you’ll ever find. 😉

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Creamy Coconut Pandan Kaya

Silky soft and creamy kaya -chinese egg custard- flavored with coconut and a hint of pandan. Spread on warm toast or wrap in pao.


I remember the flavor of my mom’s paus (bapao) like I had them yesterday (if only..). Her dough was super soft, the fillings were to.die.for., and the paus were wrapped with so much care and looked beautiful too. Whenever my mom started steaming the first batch of pau’s, me and my two sisters would be in line before the paus had even hit the pan. I wish I was into food-photography back then; I would’ve captured all the delicious dishes she made so I could cherish them forever ^^ My mom was amazing. ♥ Read more

Curry Chicken Lunch Rolls

Easy fragrant and creamy curry chicken bread rolls for lunch! Mixed with crunchy bits of cornichons and topped with heaps of fried onions.


On my days off from work, my bf is usually away from 9-5. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy some me-time and spoil myself a bit. Lunch-wise anyway, because I love having homemade lunch. Spending some extra time on a special sandwich for lunch is a real treat. So whenever I have the time, I dream about a new lunch-idea and execute it on my day off. Life doesn’t get more perfect 😉 Today, I’ll be sharing one of my latest homemade lunch. Read more

Chinese (Savoury) Egg Custard

Silky smooth chinese savoury egg custard. This steamed egg side dish fits that bowl of rice perfectly. Super easy and out-of-this-world good.

Did you guys know this blog used to be Dutch and was a beauty/lifestyle blog? I know, weird huh. Although my first language is Dutch, I just prefer blogging in English. I feel like it’s easier to express myself in English. Additionally, English enables me to share my recipes with a much larger group. However, some of you have been asking me for Dutch recipes, because you don’t control English that well. As I want everyone to be able to try out my recipes, Read more