Current Playlist Favorites #1


Hi lovelies. Music is something most of us listen to everyday. For me, there’s isn’t really one particular genre I listen to. However, I do have a lot of (korean) pop music on my phone. When I was a student (OMG already more than 1 year ago!), I’d mostly listen to old songs (read: 90’s) or k-pop. Since I started working, hippy dippy Western songs have invaded my playlist because I mainly listen to the radio nowadays (on my way to work and back). Hands up if you sing -horribly- out loud in the car too, by the way! 😉 Read more

Current Temptations #01


Happy Monday, lovelies! In my bit of spare time last week, I put up a new (simple) layout. The previous layout was getting quite boring and there were some errors I just couldn’t fix hehe… Anyways, what do you guys think of this one? I tried to keep it as clean as possible; not too many distractions from the actual content. As usual, if you find any errors, please send me a message ^^  Anyway, for today I wanted to share some of my current favorites (temptations). I don’t think I’ve done anything like this before, so it was about time 😀  Read more

Watching 90’s movies


I’m a 90’s kid and quite proud of it 😀 On my lazy Sundays, I like to re-watch “old” movies. Cheesy, non-HD quality movies from my childhood. Some of my childhood movies left such an impression that I know them from the top of my head. Others, I find with (long) descriptive google searches :’) Technology now-a-days just makes it super easy to find anything. Really, anything. Anyway, today I’ll be sharing a list of the 90’s movies I watched the past few weeks. I ordered it by year of release, because it was just too difficult to pick a favorite. 😛 Now, these movies aren’t Read more

Tag: Nom nom nom

A few days ago. the beautiful and sweet Beau from Lunedi Congelati tagged me for the “Nom nom nom”-tag. It’s a tag about food and as you all know I love food. Therefore, I just had to do this tag. I copied the tag in Dutch and translated it to English.

What do you love to eat that everybody dislikes and vice versa? Read more