Foodgift: Dark Cranberry Coconut Bark

Snappy chunks of dark 85% chocolate, topped with sweet cranberries and a snow of grated coconut. Perfect as a last-minute edible Christmas gift.


Christmas week!! Holidays get me so excited. Especially this week, because, as I mentioned on my Facebook page, I’ll be sharing a few (last minute) edible gift ideas with you guys everyday. Yes, Last year I shared just 1 idea (check the homemade muffin mix if you missed it), but this year I’m taking it to the next level. This way you’ll have plenty of ideas to pick from. As a foodie, I just love giving edible gifts. They’re easy, delicious and if you wrap it nicely, it looks super fancy too. Today, I’ll be sharing my version of dark chocolate bark, holiday style. Snappy, sweet, full of texture and with a hint of bitter. Chocoholics: you’re going to love this. Read more

Foodgift: Homemade muffin mix

Super simple homemade muffin mix. Ready in just a couple of minutes. Perfect as a last minute food gift!

December is my favorite month. In my personal-life anyway, not at work. (Here’s why not.) It’s the time of family, friends and love. It’s the perfect excuse to get everyone under one roof and enjoy food together like there’s no tomorrow. I just love the cosy feeling and I love love LOVE giving (food) presents. Yes, I love giving presents more than receiving presents. I’m serious. I’m one of those crazy Read more