Chocolate Cake ♦ Vegan, For Two (Small)

Chocolate cake with ganche drip frosting. Dense and moist. This very indulgent cake is vegan and contains no soy products. Recipe for a small 10 cm (4″) cake which is for 2-3 servings. No binging on leftovers!

Small Chocolate Cake - Vegan, For Two

Have I turned vegan? No, I have not. But try this chocolate cake and you might. There’s not a crumb in this cake that tastes vegan! It’s dense and so moist. I topped this cake with a vegan chocolate ganache but it tastes good as-is too. Even non-vegans will love this cake. Well.. as long as they’re chocoholics anyway. If you don’t like chocolate stay clear of this chocolate cake because every crumb screams chocolate. Let me break down this super easy (seriously) recipe for you.

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Matcha Cupcakes with Chocolate ♦ Vegan, For Two

Fluffy matcha cupcakes with a delicious, creamy chocolate frosting. A combination of bitter and sweet. These cupcakes are 100% vegan and are just as good as non-vegan cupcakes. Recipe for two so no leftovers.

matcha cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting, vegan and recipe for two

Okay, let’s get serious. I need to know this about you: Are you a matcha lover? If the answer is yes, we have to be best friends. Because I’m in L-O-V-E with matcha (ssttt.. don’t tell my bf). Matcha, aka green tea, tastes so good! In baking, it makes the perfect combination of sweet and bitter. You either hate it or love it. Obviously, I’m the latter. So today, we’re going to make VEGAN matcha cupcakes with a delicious dark chocolate ganache. Yes, the ganache is also vegan! In addition, I made this recipe for two so you don’t have to worry about binging on leftovers. Gosh, I feel so healthy now.. How about you? 😉  Read more

Mini Oreo Cream Pie (Cheat Style) For Two

Super easy and quick cheat recipe for mini oreo cream pies. Crunchy oreo crust filled with rich vanilla swiss cream and topped with light whipped cream. Perfect as dessert for two.


A couple of weeks back it was my boyfriend’s birthday. As usual, part of his present was that he got to request a birthday cake and I’d make for him. This year, he didn’t really have a particular type of birthday cake he wanted. However, as he loves, loves, loves whipped cream more than any food in the world, his request was to make anything simple with lots of cream. Read more

Red Velvet Cupcakes For Two!

Beautiful soft red velvet cupcakes with lush cream cheese frosting! A combination of chocolate and vanilla in a recipe for two persons. That’s right, no leftovers to binge on or to throw out 😉

I love to bake and I love to eat. So does my boyfriend. Well, he loves my baking anyway and he definitely loves to eat. I have only seen him bake something once or twice :’) However, sometimes our love for eating is just no match for my love to bake and cook. We have a freezer stuffed with three kinds of  muffinsI believe we have a few other bake leftovers too :’) (Freezer = my best friend) So when I craved for red velvet cupcakes, I decided to experiment a two person recipe. Or as I’d also like to call them: No guilt red velvet cupcakes 😀 No waste, no leftovers to binge on. It doesn’t get any more perfect! Read more

Cod Fish Burger

Delicious cod and shrimp burger with a bite. Coated in a thick Panko-layer and fried ’til crispy.  Served with a big dollop of homemade tartare sauce!

Fast food chains aren’t really up my alley. When I was little, I would go crazy over McDonalds (I’m guessing it was the toy/Happy Meal), but now I’m older I feel like the flavor just isn’t that good. Now, I’m not judging anyone going to McDonalds or any other fast food chain for that matter. If you love it: go for it! But honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I went to McDonalds! Since I’ve learned to actually cook for myself, I prefer eating homemade.  Read more