NUTELLA Stuffed Cookies

Soft baked hazelnut cookies with a slight cocoa flavor and stuffed with NUTELLA. Super easy, no chill dough and super gooey on the inside.


I think there are very little people in the world who don’t like Nutella. There aren’t many in my social circle that don’t like Nutella anyway. Actually, I think everyone in my circle likes Nutella. Except for my dad maybe. He likes his food savory. Savory and very well salted 😉 Today’s recipe is not for people like my dad. Nope, today, all other people are in for a treat! Nutella lovers, chocolate lovers, people with a sweet tooth, cookie monsters.. You will all love this. Because today, I’m sharing the ULTIMATE cookie ever with you guys. Seriously, my taste testers went crazy over these. One of my testers even put her no-sweets-diet aside for a day just for my cookies! (Sorry for ruining your diet.) The best comment I got? “It’s like a little surprise hidden in every cookie.” Everything a girl baker needs to hear. I can’t even tell you how excited -no scratch that- ECSTATIC I am to share these cookies with you guys. They’re dead easy (really) and SO GOOD. One batch won’t be enough. Read more

Chewy Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Rich, chewy chocolate cookies stuffed with hazelnuts and topped with a sprinkle of seasalt. These chocolate cookies have a soft center and are truly easy to make. Perfect to accompany a cup of tea during the chilly fall weather.


TGIF! Time for weekend. Do you guys have any exciting plans? I don’t have anything special planned. Just some shooting, editing and blogging. Standard stuff. We did have crazy hot weather this week by the way. It’s cooling off this weekend though.. Which I actually like. Too much heat isn’t nice either. I feel like after my Tokyo trip, I’ve gotten to appreciate the cool Dutch weather a bit more. Definitely not looking forward to winter weather though haha.. #firstworldproblems 😛 Speaking about winter, can you believe winter’s almost here? Time flies. It’s crazy. Usually, I’m getting ready for the Facebook Cookie Swap around this time of the year. Meaning: brainstorming about new cookies; new cookies, new flavors, new textures.. Unfortunately, the cookie swap has been canceled this year (aww…!!!). But if you think that’s going to stop me from developing cookies this year, you’re dead wrong! As a matter of fact, the first couple of cookie batches have already succesfully left my kitchen. Today, I’m sharing my first and possibly my favorite recipe (+video!). Also, did I mention there’s seasalt involved? So good. And there are only 14 cookies in a batch so you won’t have a gazillion cookies for leftovers like most cookie recipes (which I wouldn’t mind actually, but my tummy might..). Seriously, you’ve got to try this.

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Foodgift: Mocca Hazelnut Bark

Creamy, snappy two layer bark with dark coffee chocolate and white chocolate. Topped with hazelnut chunks and mocca beans.


And we’re up for recipe #3 today! Time flies. Monday I shared a chocolate bark for dark, bitter chocolate lovers. However, we all know some chocoholics who like their chocolate somewhat milder and sweeter. And so I’m sharing a mocca bark today. A combination of dark and white chocolate topped with mocca beans and delicious crunchy hazelnuts. My taste testers loved this version the most. And I’m sure you will love it too. It’s creamy, sweet, full of flavor and so delicious.

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Crumbly Hazelnut Butter Cookies

Soft hazelnut butter cookies. Delicious buttery and amazingly melt-in-the-mouth crumbly. Topped with chopped hazelnuts for that extra crunch.


Fall is almost ready to step aside for winter. Although I’m not much of a cold-weather-lover, I’ll definitely miss a couple of things that fit this beautiful red-and-orange colored season. A couple of these things are pumpkin spice and ginger cookies. Especially the latter one. I don’t know where you guys stand, but I tend to be so much more into cookies during fall! It must be the feeling of enjoying a delicious fragrant cookie while cupping and sipping that giant cup of seering hot apple cinnamon tea. And so inspired by the Read more

White Chocolate Truffles with Nutty Core

Delicious creamy chocolate truffles with a nutty core and covered in a layer of white chocolate.

White chocolate truffles with a nutty core shining in the sun

A while back I saw Yak Man posting “not-so healthy, healthy truffles” and I got inspired to create my own truffles: I wanted to make truffles with a yummylicious core. Although her creation was my inspiration, I’m sorry to tell you my truffles aren’t  Read more