Quick Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rich, chewy chocolate chip cookies ready in less than 30 minutes! Throw them straight in the oven from the bowl and you’re set. Glass of milk mandatory 😉


Brr.. It’s so cold right now in The Netherlands. To be honest, the weather isn’t too bad for this time of the year but we recently found out the heating of our apartment isn’t working. Restoring will cost us a couple of hundred euros. Now, the costs isn’t even our biggest problem. Nope. Because we have floor heating, we’ll have to remove everything from our apartment to be able to restore the heating/floor… That’s a whole lot of time and work! And as we’re planning on buying a house in the near future, we decided to die of cold (okay that’s over-dramatic lol) for one winter rather than investing time, money ánd effort on an apartment that’s rental. I guess less heating is better for the environment too so win-win? Hehe… Also, we discovered the heat of our oven is able to keep our living room (open kitchen) semi-warm so it looks like I’ll have to do some extra baking this winter. What a disappointment, huh? 😉  Read more

Crème Pâtissière & Crème Diplomat

Delicious licht and creamy pastry cream or crème diplomat. Ready in seconds! Super easy and so much better than the store-bought stuff.


The weather in the Netherlands has been cooling down this week. I don’t mind though: a little cold weather will make you appreciate the sun a bit more -I know, that’s deeeppp-. In addition, we’ve had some beautiful days last week. I think we even got over 22 C! What did you guys do last week? In this house, we enjoyed the sun on our little balcony. Dinner on the balcony every.day, while enjoying a… glas of cold water (cause I don’t do wine 🍷) haha… The good life though.
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Ultimate Soft Peanut Butter Cookies

Thick and soft peanut butter cookies stuffed with peanut chunks. You don’t need to chill this cookie dough and you can bake more in one batch as they don’t spread. Perfection.


Hi lovelies! How are you all doing? Have you seen I’ve been posting daily videos the past weeks (except weekends)? I’m not sure how long I’ll be keeping up the daily vids, but I guess only time will tell. I’m really enjoying shooting and editing videos for you guys. Even bought an extra tripod and lighting. Haven’t really figured out the lighting yet though. I think I still like natural sunlight best. But if you guys have any tips for me, please let me know! I’ve also been working behind the scenes on WT’s look. It has been about 1 year since I introduced this layout and I feel like I’m ready for something new (again!). Fresh and clean. To be continued… 😉 Read more

Better Than Take-Out Broccoli and Beef

Classic Chinese take-out dish made in your own kitchen! Easy as take-out, but better in taste. No MSG. (Unless you want to add MSG, ofcourse)


I’ve told you guys this in my last vlog, but I think I’m addicted to renovation programs. I just finished “Property Brothers” and I’m hung up on “Fixer Upper” as we speak type. I’ve been watching these two programs every.single.day for the past few weeks now. I know there’s a lot of controversy around these programs and that people think it’s fake, but I don’t really care. I just love watching the house transformations. Makes me want to take up on a fixer upper. Isn’t that hilarious?! I really shouldn’t though. I’d probably get sick from stress halfway through the project ánd hurt myself a gazillion times haha.. It’s good to have dreams and goals though. Read more

Quick Sweet and Sour Fish

Easiest recipe for sweet and sour fish you’ll ever find. Serve with white rice or noodles. 


Today’s recipe is one of my bf’s favorites: Sweet and Sour Fish. Actually, he likes just about anything sweet and sour. Sweet and sour chicken, sweet and sour fish, plain sweet and sour sauce.. I’m not even kidding. He’ll eat it all. Yes, even the sauce. And who can blame him? Sweet and sour is delicious. In addition, you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen for it either. If you make this quick cheat version, you can start eating in less than 15 minutes. Here’s how: 

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