Small Matcha Cake

Soft vanilla sponge, decorated with light and fluffy matcha whipping cream. The cream is the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. Suitable for all matcha lovers.

Okay, can I just express how proud I am of this cake? It’s a simple, small cake, but the taste is amazing. If you love matcha as much as I do, this cake is right up your alley! Even my boyfriend, who isn’t much of a matcha fan, loved this cake. It has just the right amount of bitter green tea and sweet sugar. In addition, the cake looks gorgeous and serves a small crowd (2-3 people). There is no better cake for real matcha lovers. You only need a simple sponge and green tea whipped cream. The latter might sound fancy, but it takes just three ingredients.

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Single Serving Matcha Cookie

For the single matcha lovers out there: Single serving matcha cookie with creamy white chocolate chips. This cookie is soft and slightly chewy.

Are you a matcha (green tea) lover? I am! I love the slight bitter taste of matcha. Matcha is a very popular flavor in Asia. Last summer, when we were in Tokyo, there wasn’t a single place we couldn’t find a matcha flavored version of anything: lattes, cookies, cakes.. you name it! My bf isn’t a big fan, but I definitely am. Obviously, I couldn’t help myself and create a recipe for a single serving matcha cookie. Matcha is the perfect flavor for single serving recipes, because not everybody loves matcha. Read more

Japanese KitKat | TASTE TEST

Videos are in Dutch

In Japan, KitKats are a true sensation. There are SO MANY flavors you can buy. Unfortunately, some flavors were sold out when we were in Tokyo. However, there were still plenty of strange flavors left and we managed to collect those. In this video, we put them all to a taste test. Read more

White Chocolate Chip Matcha Muffins

Creamy, soft and fragrant green tea muffins. The creaminess of the white chocolate chips fits the real(!) green tea flavor perfectly. 


It’s my 4th day off from work (taking a mini-vacay) and I’m loving it. Testing recipes, eating homemade lunch, going to the gym and just strolling around the city centre is what soothes my mind ^^ Sometimes all you need is a small/short break to get your mind flowing again and to become more productive. You should take some time off too 🙂 Read more

Matcha Meringues

Crunchy sweet meringues with the slightly bitter flavor of green tea. The bitterness cuts the sweetness perfectly. Easy to make and only 4 ingredients!

Okay, so I’m not sure about you guys, but my tummy is stuffed. Over-stuffed. Holiday food (foodporn soon!) was so good and it was so good to sit down with the whole family, but I’m kinda glad it’s over. It is possible to eat too much food, you know. Yes, even for foodies :’) Additionally, work’s less hectic this month, which means more relaxing and more blogging 😀 2015 is looking good so far ♥ Read more