Foodgift: Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

The cutest mini chocolate chip cookies you’ll find. These very vanilla cookies are about 3 cm large, are soft-baked and stuffed with chocolate chips. Use white, semi-sweet or dark chips. Whatever you like. The most adorable food gift for Christmas!

Foodgift: Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies - Cutest Christmas Gift

Now Sinterklaas is over, it’s time for the kruidnoten recipes to make way for Christmas/holiday recipes. And what’s better than food gift recipes? Seriously, you can never go wrong with food gifts. The past few years I’ve shared chocolate & peanut salted caramel, peanut clusters, mocca hazelnut bark and so on. And it’s time to add more recipes to that list. Read more

Mini Oreo Cream Pie (Cheat Style) For Two

Super easy and quick cheat recipe for mini oreo cream pies. Crunchy oreo crust filled with rich vanilla swiss cream and topped with light whipped cream. Perfect as dessert for two.


A couple of weeks back it was my boyfriend’s birthday. As usual, part of his present was that he got to request a birthday cake and I’d make for him. This year, he didn’t really have a particular type of birthday cake he wanted. However, as he loves, loves, loves whipped cream more than any food in the world, his request was to make anything simple with lots of cream. Read more

Ultimate Soft Chocolate Cupcakes

Amazing super soft chocolate cupcakes. These mini sponge cakes are made with oil instead of butter and are very light. Chocolate pillow heaven..

I’m a fluffy cake lover. Light and airy goodness is what I tend to go for instead of buttery pound cakes. Don’t get me wrong, buttery pound cakes are good. Especially with a hot cup of tea on a lazy afternoon. No doubt about it. I mean, there’s are reason I have a blueberry-, lemon glazed- and orange pound cake in my recipe index. But often, airy, fluffy cakes are Read more

Gingerbread cakepops

Super easy and quick gingerbread cakepops covered in a layer of lushious white chocolate. A combination of spice and creamy with only 3 simple ingredients.

Oh how weekend time flies when you’re eating delicious food having fun! I had such a productive weekend getting the tires of my car changed, buying an engagement present, doing some recipe testing and visiting the best and most loving dad in the whole wide world :3 Now, I’m ready to start this Monday and attack my projects at work. How about you guys? Read more

Lemon Custard Cream Cups

Velvet smooth tangy lemon custard with real lemon zest topped with creamy stabilized whipping cream. Great mini dessert to end a big meal. It’s gluten free too.


How’s everyone coping with the weather? Strange things are happening over here in The Netherlands. Like I said before, one day it’s cold and the next it’s hot. The past few days the weather decided to be cold again. Too cold for my liking. I would just love to hug a big bowl of steaming hot pumpkin soup 24/7. Seriously, I think I have, what I like to call “Tropical-Genes”. Because I feel cold when other people still feel like it’s warm-ish ^^” The other day at work, all my colleagues were discussing whether to  Read more