BBQ Chicken Nachos

My boyfriend and I are usually both quite busy throughout the week. That’s why we try to spend quality time in the weekends. Whenever “movie night” is planned, this is one of my (and his) FAVORITE dishes: BBQ chicken nachos. Easy, quick and super super delicious. Guaranteed crowd pleaser. This is one recipe you can’t miss.


My gosh, doesn’t this photo looks GORGEOUS? As I’m writing this, I’m salivating all over again. And you are too. I know it. Don’t be shy to admit it 😉 Now, I’ve shared my Asian Style Nachos with you guys before, but today’s nachos might be my new favorite. BBQ-sauce, chicken and lots of good melty cheese. Oh, and don’t forget the sour cream. Sour cream is love. Tell me, who can resist this? In addition, nachos are so e-a-s-y to make. Really, trust me. By adding just a couple of ingredients, you turn simple (boring) chips into a true foodgasm. Just check out the 2 min video down below ↓↓↓ This is perfect for movie-nights, as a party snack or (if you’re in a crazy mood) for dinner. Anything is possible, if you just believe (who can tell me which movie that is? 😀 )

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BAKED Thick Sweet Chili Fries

Crispy fries baked in the oven and royally flavored with a sweet chili mixture. Perfect to have on the side or to devour as an amazing cheat snack.


I’m not going to lie to you. I work out 3/4 days a week and I need it. Seriously. I’ve never been the girl that stays stick thin even if she eats like a pig. Well, when I was little I was stick thin, but that was because I didn’t eat anything ^^” But when i eat like a pig, I become a pig. Kudos if you’re different and “I feel your pain” if you’re anything like me. That being said, I love working out. Especially because working out means I get to eat more food. It’s probably my main motivation; food. Like today’s thick BAKED (I never fry food because of the forever greasy smell) SWEET CHILI fries. That’s right. Sweet chili. We’re going there. Not just ordinary fries, but CRISPY fries covered in a delicious mix of herbs and spices. You have to try this. Asap.

P.S: Try the sweet chili mix on potato chips too!

What are your favorite kind of fries?

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Creamy Onion Potato Gratin

Creamy, rich potato gratin with onions. Soft baked potato slices with a generous crispy cheese top. Only a handful of ingredients needed.

Whenever I have little time on hands (which is most of the time), I like to make quick and easy dishes for dinner. My chicken quinoa salad and stir fry fish udon are dishes that are served quite often in my home. The bf usually makes these super simple sausage ramekins, which I love just as much. So if you’re anything like us, fancy roasted chicken with homemade potato wedges just aren’t things you can eat often. BUT because you don’t have a lot of time, Read more