Matcha Danish Rolls

Flaky Danish pastry with a matcha filling. These rolls are very buttery and aren’t too sweet.

These rolls are made from delicious flaky croissant dough and filled with a semi-sweet matcha filling. The dough takes quite some time to make, but the technique is very easy! I didn’t make the filling very sweet, but if you want a very sweet roll you can add more sugar to the filling. Whatever you like. Now, are you ready to see how you can get these delicious rolls in your home?

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Pandan Kaya Swiss Roll

Soft pandan cake, covered with kaya and coconut, rolled into a beautiful swiss roll. This is just about the softest cake you’ll ever find. 

I’m obsessed with swiss rolls at the moment. Not just obsessed with making them, but also obsessed with eating them. Okay, honestly it’s mostly about the eating but let’s pretend I’m interested in making them too. Lol. They’re just SO good. Really. The first swiss rolls I shared with you guys was this vanilla swiss roll stuffed with whipped cream. I love love love whipped cream. My bf went crazy over the vanilla rolls too. However, as some you might know, my dad’s gf does not eat dairy. Therefor, I wanted to make a dairy-free swiss roll for her. The result? This pandan swiss roll with kaya (coconut jam) and grated coconut instead of whipped cream. It’s amazing. You will not miss the dairy. Read more

Vanilla Swiss Roll

Delicious SUPER soft vanilla sponge cake rolled up with whipping cream. The best simple cake you’ll ever have. Vanilla Swiss Roll. Also known as “Jelly roll”.

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you might know I’ve been experimenting with swiss rolls lately. I was inspired to make these, because I love love LOVE the swiss rolls from Chinese bakeries but the nearest bakery is a 2,5h drive. Both plain and pandan flavored rolls are my favorite. I can’t choose between those two. For today, I’ll be sharing the vanilla flavored one though. I’ve done quite some recipe testing these past few week (I’ve possibly tasted about 6-10 swiss rolls. Seriously, I lost count at 2.) and I finally have the perfect soft sponge recipe for swiss rolls for you guys. I shared these at work and I’ve never had so many compliments before! Read more

Seoul 2014 – Foodporn: Bakeries part 2

Hi guys! A new week with new opportunities~~ Start your week energized and weekend will slap you in the face before you know it 😉 I’ve been working at my new job for over a month now and I’m happy to say that I’m still loving it. There are many challenges, but I’m eager to learn and make it happen. There are so many things I have to focus on, I feel like I’m flying full speed towards weekend when I’m working. On top of that, Writing Temptations is Read more

Vietnamese chicken rolls

When I was little we went to Paris every summer to visit my grandmother and some other relatives. Everytime we went to Paris, we’d visit “Tang Frères” (a big asian supermarket) at least once. The adults would do HOURS (I’m not even kidding…) of grocery shopping and the kids would: wait, get bored, stroll around, get lost, panic and then find out the adults are only one aisle away. It doesn’t sound like a trip kids would like to join, but there was a big plus-side to tagging along: Read more