Custard Raisin Rolls

Soft sweet rolls filled with homemade vanilla custard and plump raisins. Use your favorite dough or my favorite dough.


One of the grocery stores near our house sells fresh baked goodies. One of those goodies is a custard raisin roll and it’s super delicious. Seriously, I rarely walk by the custard raisin rolls without grabbing one. They’re just so good. Needless to say, I had to make my own. Soft bread rolls, filled with creamy vanilla custard and pieces of sweet plump raisins. Who can resist these? I know, no one. Read more

Curry Chicken Lunch Rolls

Easy fragrant and creamy curry chicken bread rolls for lunch! Mixed with crunchy bits of cornichons and topped with heaps of fried onions.


On my days off from work, my bf is usually away from 9-5. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy some me-time and spoil myself a bit. Lunch-wise anyway, because I love having homemade lunch. Spending some extra time on a special sandwich for lunch is a real treat. So whenever I have the time, I dream about a new lunch-idea and execute it on my day off. Life doesn’t get more perfect 😉 Today, I’ll be sharing one of my latest homemade lunch. Read more

Coffee Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

Easy fluffy cinnamon rolls with a coffee-hinted glaze. Sweet, fragrant goodness in a roll.


Hi honey buns! How was christmas? I spent one day on the couch doing nothing and watching home alone with my boyfriend and little sister, and the other day eating lots of food and unwrapping prezzies with my family! The ambience was great, the food was awesome and the company was amazing ♥ Share your christmas stories with me in the comments below, on twitter and/or on Instagram. (Tag me!) ^____^

Anyway, today I want to talk about cinnamon rolls. I love cinnamon rolls. They’re one of my favorite sweet snacks. My sister loves cinnamon rolls too. She loves anything bread-ish (aka carbs). Cinnamon rolls aren’t really big over here. There are mainly

Read more

Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Zesty and fragrant lime cilantro grilled chicken served on a crispy bread roll with creamy avocado, pickled onions and fresh vegetables. 


So the weather’s been crazy lately! Just a couple of days ago the sun was shining like no other. No joke, we were enjoying an amazing temperature of 22 C. Yes, in October! However, today, as I’m writing this anyway, rain is pouring down like no other. Luckily, I chose to make today’s sandwich on the 22 C-day and got to enjoy it with the sun burning on my skin. The perfect lunch. Especially because this cilantro lime grilled chicken has it all: Read more