Spring Rolls & Peanut Dip (LIGHT & VEGAN)

Vietnamese spring rolls, also known as gỏi cuốn, turned into a vegan version. These spring rolls are stuffed with plenty vegetables and taste best when eaten with the easy peanut & hoisin sauce. Vietnamese spring rolls are healthy, delicious and make a great lunch or dinner.

Vegan Spring Rolls Easy Lunch Idea

What are Vietnamese spring rolls?

Vietnamese spring rolls is a dish everyone with Vietnamese parents knows. Vietnamese spring rolls are often mistaken for chả giò (the fried version). While the rolling method is similar, Vietnamese spring rolls taste nothing like the fried version. Vietnamese spring rolls are light to the stomach and have a fresh flavor due to the use of herbs. They’re often served as appetizers in the Western cuisine, but by making a few more rolls you can easily pass spring rolls for a healthy lunch or light dinner. Traditionally, Vietnamese spring rolls are filled with pork and prawns but you can basically fill it when anything you like. Today, I’m sharing my vegan version with you guys. Keep in mind this post is more of a lunch idea rather than a recipe so see this recipe as a guide and inspirationRead more

HOMEMADE Salted Caramel Sauce

Lush, rich salted caramel sauce. The saltiness of the sea salt flakes combine perfectly with the heavy sweetness of caramel sauce. 


Caramel is my weak spot. I basically love anything caramel. Especially salted caramel. I didn’t know what salted caramel was until a few years ago. I saw it on a cooking show and knew I just had to try it. And when I did, I was blown away. The combination of super sweet caramel and sea salt is perfect. A tiny bit of sea salt has just the right saltiness to cut the sweetness of the caramel in just the right amount. It tastes like Werther’s Original (you know those awesome caramel candies?), but Read more

Chinese Stuffed Tofu (酿豆腐)

Flavorful firm tofu stuffed with meat, covered in thick oyster sauce. Serve with hot steamed rice.


When I was little I was a very picky eater. This (amazingly easy) savoury egg custard was one of the few dishes I loved. It took me quite a few years to really appreciate my dad’s amazing cooking skills! Nowadays, there’s not enough time in a year to (eat and) learn how to make all my dad’s food. But we’ve gotta start somewhere and today’s one of the dishes my dad taught me: Yong Tau Fu, chinese stuffed tofu. It’s easy and super delicious. Trust me, once you’ve tried this, you’ll be addicted.  Read more

Easy Tartare Sauce

Thick mayonaise-based sauce with cornichons and onion. Creamy and slightly acidic. Great as dip for shrimps or other seafood.


Is it weird that I get happy when, while I like cooking/baking, I get super excited over a recipe that doesn’t take a lot of work? Like this tartare recipe for instance: I found the right flavors in less than 10 minutes and couldn’t be happier! Little dishes, little work… Time to relax! I guess I’m such a lazy bum sometimes.. XD Read more

Asian Style Nachos

Creamy melty cheese, crunchy nachos, sweet chili sauce and tangy sour cream topped with a handful of frangrant cilantro. These nachos are super easy and quick to make. Great for movie nights and only 6 simple ingredients!

A while ago, while I was at the dentist, I read an article about “trying too much“. The article was very interesting and was quite an eye-opener for me. As I read the article (I was 20 minutes too early for my appointment..) I felt like the writer could’ve been me: stressed out and no inspiration, simply because she was trying too much. So now I’m trying this new thing, where I try to go with the flow. I’m still trying to go somewhere and working for it, but I’m also trying to accept it when things are (temporarily) not moving or moving less than I want it to. Therefor, I’m no longer racking my brains to create a recipe that’s super-duper unique and no longer beating myself when my photos aren’t better than the best food blog I’m following. No, I’m just going to do what I love and make whatever it is I like to eat. With that being said, today I’m sharing this lazy recipe for Asian style nacho dish. It’s Read more