Vegetarian Spicy Noodle Buns

Fluffy buns filled with a (slightly) spicy vegetarian filling made with chewy Korean noodles, napa cabbage and carrot.

I don’t know why but I don’t make homemade bread very often. Maybe it’s because my current kitchen is too small for proper bread kneading. However, a few weeks ago I got this crazy idea for buns with noodles in my head. The buns were inspired by vegetarian hotteok I had in Seoul a few years ago. Hotteok are fried stuffed pancakes. The ones I had, were stuffed with veggies and noodles. As I was craving that filling in a bun I decided to do some experimenting in my kitchen. If you love veggies, these buns will totally become your thing.

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Pumpkin Hummus with a Kick

Smooth and creamy hummus made with sweet pumpkin. This hummus has a slight kick to it from the chili and contains no oil. Serve with bread or use as a dip.

It’s about time I shared a recipe other than baked goodies with you guys again. I can’t even remember the last time. The past few months have all been cookies, cupcakes and more. But today it’s time for homemade hummus! Pumpkin hummus. A while back I tried this store-bought pumpkin hummus in one of my taste tests (Dutch) and both me and my boyfriend liked it a lot. And so I decided to make my own version. A version without added sugar and less salt. It turned out delicious (if I may say so myself). I’ve made this hummus a couple of times now and each of those times the batch hasn’t lasted more than a few days. Gone in a jiffy. That good.

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Cheesy Beef and Rice Burrito

Creamy, melty-cheese-loaded burrito’s filled with zesty Mexican rice and a mildly spicy beef-bean mixture. Inspired by Chipotle. Best homemade Mexican fastfood ever.


Last Wednesday I showed you guys my recipe for cilantro and lime tomato rice. Today, I’ll be showing you how to use it to make an actual AMAZING beef and rice burrito. This recipe was inspired by the burrito from Chipotle. And you guys just have to try this. It’s amazing. You will never want another burrito. This burrito is loaded with a delicious beef and veggies mixture, and is finished with a nice layer of oey-goey-melty melty cheese. It is heaven made at home. Perfect for a good simple dinner with friends (or as a cheat lunch. Yes, burritos can be lunch too 😉 )

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BAKED Thick Sweet Chili Fries

Crispy fries baked in the oven and royally flavored with a sweet chili mixture. Perfect to have on the side or to devour as an amazing cheat snack.


I’m not going to lie to you. I work out 3/4 days a week and I need it. Seriously. I’ve never been the girl that stays stick thin even if she eats like a pig. Well, when I was little I was stick thin, but that was because I didn’t eat anything ^^” But when i eat like a pig, I become a pig. Kudos if you’re different and “I feel your pain” if you’re anything like me. That being said, I love working out. Especially because working out means I get to eat more food. It’s probably my main motivation; food. Like today’s thick BAKED (I never fry food because of the forever greasy smell) SWEET CHILI fries. That’s right. Sweet chili. We’re going there. Not just ordinary fries, but CRISPY fries covered in a delicious mix of herbs and spices. You have to try this. Asap.

P.S: Try the sweet chili mix on potato chips too!

What are your favorite kind of fries?

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Easy Thai Beef Salad

Healthy thai beef salad packed with vegetables and herbes. Drizzled with a light fish sauce-dressing this salad tastes sweet, sour and savoury all at the same time. There’s even room for a light spiciness. 


A long time ago me and my boyfriend had dinner at a local restaurant called “Groen“. For our starters we picked a thai beef salad. And oh my gosh, the salad was só delicious that I wished I could have it for main and dessert too. Yes, thát good! Ever since I had that salad, the thought of making my own version has been lingering in the back of my mind. Last week it was time. I did it. I wish I had done it sooner, because the salad was so delicious. A mixture of different asian herbs, a bit of spice and a killer dressing on the side. Ready in a few minutes too. Great, right? Read more