Kruidnoten Whipped Cream Cake with Chocolate Sprinkles

Kruidnoten whipped cream cake for Sinterklaas, a Dutch holiday. This cake is light and fluffy, decorated with whipped cream, kruidnoten (Dutch cookies) and chocolate sprinkles! Substitute kruidnoten with Biscoff or gingersnaps.

Kruidnoten Whipped Cream Cake with Chocolate Sprinkes - Holiday Cake

Aaaand we’re at Sinterklaas cake no 3! Today’s recipe is a very simple one. Especially compared to the kruidnoten cake pie and the kruidnoten apple cake bars. The Sinterklaas cake I’m sharing with you guys today is a kruidnoten whipped cream cake and it consists of only four simple components:

  1. Sponge cake
  2. Whipped cream
  3. Kruidnoten
  4. Chocolate sprinkles

Yes, chocolate sprinkles!

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Strawberry & Cream Birthday Cake

Soft basic sponge cake filled with plenty of Chantilly cream (sweet vanilla whipped cream) and fresh sweet strawberries. Perfect as a birthday cake. For best results, make this cake when strawberries are in season.

Meet my strawberry and cream birthday cake. Okay, calling it a birthday cake is a bit weird because basically any cake can be a birthday cake. However, this type of cake reminds me of birthdays which is why I call it a “birthday” cake. You can just call it “cake” though 😉 Also, this cake is probably my favorite kind of cake: A fluffy sponge with creamy, light whipping cream. As I’ve mentioned before, buttercream is not really my cup of tea. Whipping cream is totally up my alley though (although my lactose intolerance doesn’t really agree lol). And my bf.. he is even more in love with whipping cream. He’d marry it if he could lmao. (I wish I was kidding.) So if you’re anything like me/us, this cake is going to rock your world.

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Basic Sponge Cake

Simple light sponge cake. This basic cake is perfect for birthday cakes.


It’s almost w-e-e-k-e-n-d again! That means it’s time to get something baking again. (Although… I don’t really need the weekend as an excuse to bake something delicious.) I’ve got a whole lot of recipes planned again this weekend. Especially some recipes that need testing. Bread, muffins, savory dishes.. Imma eat it all hehe.. Small sneakpeak: There’ll be a super fun (if I may say so myself) sweet pumpkin recipe online soon! Okay, probably multiple recipes, but NOW is the time to go crazy with pumpkins, right? Thumbs up for pumpkin season. A while back I already shared these savory vegan wraps with you guys and this -almost ancientpumpkin soup. But I thought it was really time for something sweet now. Stay tuned.

Last weekend I’ve been non-stop busy in my kitchen too and I made this super easy sponge cake. I’ve been making this recipe for years now and never had to tweak it. It’s an original! Every single time I make this cake, I get Read more

Strawberry & Cream Cake

Light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake with airy sweet cream and chunks of bright red strawberries. Super simple, but oh-so delicious. Perfect to give a summery-feel to your (tea) party.

Hi guys. How are you all doing? Feels like I haven’t written anything in ages (although my last post was just a week ago). Life’s been busy and hectic. But then again, when is it not? ^^” Last week, I overcame one of my fears by throwing a party for about 10 guests. I’m usually no fun at parties, because I’m constantly worrying if everyone’s having fun. However, last friday was quite fun. Honestly, I wasn’t 100% relaxed but that’s okay. So yay for overcoming fears! Read more

Ultimate Soft Chocolate Cupcakes

Amazing super soft chocolate cupcakes. These mini sponge cakes are made with oil instead of butter and are very light. Chocolate pillow heaven..

I’m a fluffy cake lover. Light and airy goodness is what I tend to go for instead of buttery pound cakes. Don’t get me wrong, buttery pound cakes are good. Especially with a hot cup of tea on a lazy afternoon. No doubt about it. I mean, there’s are reason I have a blueberry-, lemon glazed- and orange pound cake in my recipe index. But often, airy, fluffy cakes are Read more