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Are you looking for a quick way to de-stress?

We all know that feeling when your schedule is jam-packed and you just can’t seem to catch a break. You feel on edge and might even experience physical pains like headaches and neck-pains. Your body is sending out signals to you: THIS IS TOO MUCH. How do you deal with this? As everyone could use a quick technique to de-stress, I’m sharing this 5-step method today.

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Take Mini-Breaks Every Day | MINDFUL MONDAY

We always know when our body feels stressed or overwhelmed. However, we don’t always respond to it. Our first instinct is to ignore that feeling. “It will go away.” It is crucial to recognize this response and to change it. It might not go away. Take a minute to let your body (and mind) relax. If you choose to ignore it, it will build and build until it’s too much for you to handle. Don’t let it get that far. Give yourself little breaks every day. Especially at stressful moments. Take a minute to breathe, let your shoulders relax and clear your mind. It doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes. After this moment of complete relaxation, continue your work. Take these 5 minutes multiple times a day. It might not immediately improve the quality of your work, but it will definitely help you maintain your (mental) health.

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Things To Be Thankful For | MINDFUL MONDAY


The past few days I’ve been stuck in a negative spiral. I feel pressured by people around me. Needless to say, I feel a bit down. But as I believe in creating your own luck, I decided that I’m going to take matters into my own hands. The negative spiral stops here. I need to get back and focus on the positive things. Because there really are so many positive things in my life. It would be a shame to let the few negative things cast a shadow on all the positive things I have. Therefor, I decided to recall (and repeat) three things I’m thankful for everyday. And I thought it would be nice to share today’s three things with you guys (and maybe inspire you to do the same). So here are three things I’m thankful for today:

  1. That I got safe to work (by car)
  2. My delicious noodles for lunch
  3. The thankful patient I had today

What things are you thankful for today? Tell yourself out loud and/or let me know in the comments below. And for those of you who are having a bad day right now: You can do it. Maybe not this instance, but you’ll get there. Keep going.

Love, My Linh



How often do you claim you “have”  to do something? Think about it. When I did, I realized I feel like everything I do is a “must” (have to). Feeling like you “have to” do things, can make you feel stressed out. Maybe even anxious. In reality, all your tasks are choices. For example: I “have” to study? No, I choose to study, because I want to be good at my job. I “have” to do chores? No, I choose to do chores, because I want a clean house. By asking yourself why you’re doing something instead of telling yourself you have to, you create goals. Goals put your tasks into perspective and give you a sense of peace and calmness whilst checking off your to-do list. Try it. Love it.

5 Reasons To Be Unavailable


A while ago I left for a short vacation (7 days) in Belgium. As usual, I don’t announce these kind of things online due to privacy, security blablabla.. you know the drill 😛 Anyway, we had a lovely apartment near the city centre of Antwerpen and enjoyed 7 days of delicious greasy fries (+lots of mayonnaise), sugary waffles, beer (only the bf, not me) and lots more. Before we left to Belgium, I made a promise to myself to be  Read more