Easter Tag Printables

In a far, far past, I used to make printables and other kinds of graphics. My website was called “themeworld” back then. Haha, yes I know. WTH? Don’t ask lol. I can’t really give a reason why I quit, but a while back I got back the urge to design something. And I’m here to share it with you guys. I designed these Easter tags for you to decorate your Easter gifts. You can even print these on sticker-paper to make stickers for Easter. Download a full sheet of these cute gift tags here.

Spread The Love Tag – Bloggers Edition


A while back, I wrote a post with inspiration to spread the love. As I’m making small changes in my “real life” to create my own ‘ripple‘ (see inspiration post), I was also inspired to start something to “Spread The Love” online. And so today’s post was born: Spread The Love Tag – Bloggers Edition. Now, this tag is a little bit different from regular tags: Instead of answering questions about yourself, this tag is about putting three other people (bloggers) in the spotlight! The questions are really simple, but I guarantee it will bring joy 🙂 Really, this tag is a small gesture to bring a little bit of happiness to other people’s day. I hope you guys like it ^^ Read more

Tea Tag!

Today, I’m connecting with my fellow tea lovers by answering the questions to the Tea Tag! I love tea so this tag is perfect for me. (If you’re wondering, I drink the occasional coffee too). With special thanks to Olivia for tagging me 😉
1. When did you drink your first cup of tea? How was it?
Oh wow… when?! Uhm… ever since I can remember? When we were little, my sister got a picknick set as a present. And sometimes my mom would play tea time with us using that set. Yes, with real tea. 😀 We were quite little, but I can’t remember my first cup of tea.. It was that long ago. How it was? Awesome ofcourse. Mainly because I loved it when we did something together ^____^

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Tag: Nom nom nom

A few days ago. the beautiful and sweet Beau from Lunedi Congelati tagged me for the “Nom nom nom”-tag. It’s a tag about food and as you all know I love food. Therefore, I just had to do this tag. I copied the tag in Dutch and translated it to English.

What do you love to eat that everybody dislikes and vice versa? Read more