Vegan Coconut Banana Muffins

Lovely fluffy banana muffins with a hint of coconut and topped with fragrant desiccated coconut. These muffins are vegan.

Happy Wednesday! We’re already halfway the week. And since it’s Wednesday, I’ve got a new recipe for you guys. I prepared a vegan muffin recipe for you guys. Today’s muffin is super fluffy (I love fluffy muffins), contains no dairy and is very fragrant. You’ll have a delicious coconut-banana scent lingering all around your house when you make these muffins. Even if you’re not vegan, you’ll like these muffins. And don’t worry, if you want to make your own kind of recipe: I’ve got you covered too. Read more

Single Serving Chocolate Chip Cookie

Single serving chocolate chip cookie with a soft core and a crispy exterior. Only one cookie so no over-eating! Vegan option possible.

Hello my fellow foodies! It’s another Wednesday, which means I have a new recipe for you guys. Believe it or not, I’m back with yet another single serving recipe! (Tired of it yet?) This time it’s a chocolate chip cookie. This chocolate chip cookie is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. It’s the perfect cookie to accompany your cup of milk! Well, I think it’s the perfect cookie anyway. And you know what’s even better about this cookie? You can make it suitable for vegans. Yup, that’s right: no eggs, no dairy. Read more

No Oven Chocolate Cake Dessert (Single Serving)

Soft and rich chocolate cake topped with a good dollop of whipped cream. No oven AND single serving. This cake is made on a stove. Looks fancy, but takes under 20 minutes to make.

Last week I challenged myself once again to make a single serving recipe. However, this time, I also wanted to make it no-oven. And I succeeded! If you enjoyed one of my previous single serve recipes, I’m pretty sure you’re going to l-o-v-e this one. Here’s how to make a:

  • single serving
  • no-oven
  • oil-free
  • vegan (optional)

delicious chocolate cake dessert. Read more