Vegan Curry Wraps

Creamy curry wraps stuffed with vegetables. These wraps are Asian-inspired and are the perfect make-ahead lunch. The wraps taste even better the next day because the flavors are more infused into the chickpeas.

I’ve got a make-ahead lunch idea for you guys today. And it’s vegan! Yup, again. I’ve shared quite some vegan recipes with you guys (brownies, sushi, frappucino) so far but I’ve got to tell you I’m not vegan (yet) though. Currently, I don’t believe in a “one-way”-diet. I like to eat healthy by eating different kinds of meals; sometimes I eat vegan, sometimes vegetarian and on other days I eat meat/fish/poultry. I was inspired to create this recipe when I wanted to make a satisfying on-the-go meal for my dear little sister. She tries to eat vegan most of the time so I was determined to make a delicious vegan meal for her. I’m happy to say, she liked the wraps. Even my bf liked these wraps! And therefor, I need to share it with you guys too. 

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Easy (Spiced) Chicken Burgers

Tender chicken patties flavored with smoked paprika, cumin and chili. Amazing on a burger-bun with mayonnaise, BBQ-sauce, melted cheddar and veggies. Chili is optional.


Last week, we finally got our be-lated Christmas weather. Snow fell from the sky and people were ice-skating on the streets. Yup, you read that right. ON.THE.STREETS! I’m not joking. The streets turned into a skating rink. (Which is kinda cool to be honest.) It was really good to see all the kids go out and play instead of staying inside with an iphone/ipad in their hands. The bad weather did mean I wasn’t able to go to work though. At my first attempt to leave for work, my car slipped and slide while turning left. There was no stopping to it, but thankfully there was no damage. However, I did decide it wasn’t safe at that point. So I turned back home and took the day off. Little did I know I wasn’t able to go to work for 3 days… Roads weren’t safe and the weather was very unpredictable. Le sigh. No work done for 3 days straight! Luckily, every cloud has a silver lining. In this case, my silver lining was lunch. As I mentioned before, days off = homemade special lunch. And last week was burger lunch. Read more

Healthy Chicken & Snap Pea Stirfry

Healthy and easy chicken stirfry! Tender chicken, snappy sweet snap peas, bamboo shoots and a hint of ginger. Delicious with a bowl of hot steamy rice. Ready in LESS than 30 minutes!


January is the month of healthy eating. The month of making up for December’s binges and the month of getting back on track. It can be a difficult month sometimes, but I’m here to help you make it work. On the diet-front anyway. Last week I shared how to set goals and today I’m sharing a new delicious healthy recipe with you guys. This dish is healthy, infused with asian flavors and ready in less than 30 minutes! Isn’t that great? Who knew healthy could be this awesome? This recipe is one of my go-to healthy recipes and I’m positive you’re going to love this too!

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EASY Vegetarian Stuffed Tomatoes

Healthy stuffed tomatoes with a filling of zucchini and chickpeas, and a cheesy breadcrumb topping. Great way to get your daily dose of vitamins. Must-try for tomato-lovers. Ready in 30 minutes!


Happy New Year, guys!! Hope you had a good and safe one 😉 I had dinner with my family first and then spend the rest of the evening at home with my bf. I prefer my new year’s eve less hectic than most people. We enjoyed drinks, food and a great view of fireworks. Just the way I like it. How about you? 

Anyway, I’m kicking off 2016 with a healthy vegetarian recipe. Yup, VEGETARIAN! Although I love my veggies, I rarely make a complete vegetarian dish. I have just a few vegetarian recipes of which these perfect spinach omelette wraps are most popular. I mean, healthy? Yes! I’m all in. Like this awesome Moroccan Quinoa Salad. But even that recipe has a bit of chicken in it. I love my meats. Today’s dish is awesome too though. (If I may say so myself.) Especially if you love tomatoes. These stuffed tomatoes are packed with flavor and covered in a delicious cheesy breadcrumb topping. And don’t worry, it’s ready in 30 minutes.

What healthy recipe are you making this week?

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Cheesy Beef and Rice Burrito

Creamy, melty-cheese-loaded burrito’s filled with zesty Mexican rice and a mildly spicy beef-bean mixture. Inspired by Chipotle. Best homemade Mexican fastfood ever.


Last Wednesday I showed you guys my recipe for cilantro and lime tomato rice. Today, I’ll be showing you how to use it to make an actual AMAZING beef and rice burrito. This recipe was inspired by the burrito from Chipotle. And you guys just have to try this. It’s amazing. You will never want another burrito. This burrito is loaded with a delicious beef and veggies mixture, and is finished with a nice layer of oey-goey-melty melty cheese. It is heaven made at home. Perfect for a good simple dinner with friends (or as a cheat lunch. Yes, burritos can be lunch too 😉 )

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