Spring Rolls & Peanut Dip (LIGHT & VEGAN)

Vietnamese spring rolls, also known as gỏi cuốn, turned into a vegan version. These spring rolls are stuffed with plenty vegetables and taste best when eaten with the easy peanut & hoisin sauce. Vietnamese spring rolls are healthy, delicious and make a great lunch or dinner.

Vegan Spring Rolls Easy Lunch Idea

What are Vietnamese spring rolls?

Vietnamese spring rolls is a dish everyone with Vietnamese parents knows. Vietnamese spring rolls are often mistaken for chả giò (the fried version). While the rolling method is similar, Vietnamese spring rolls taste nothing like the fried version. Vietnamese spring rolls are light to the stomach and have a fresh flavor due to the use of herbs. They’re often served as appetizers in the Western cuisine, but by making a few more rolls you can easily pass spring rolls for a healthy lunch or light dinner. Traditionally, Vietnamese spring rolls are filled with pork and prawns but you can basically fill it when anything you like. Today, I’m sharing my vegan version with you guys. Keep in mind this post is more of a lunch idea rather than a recipe so see this recipe as a guide and inspirationRead more

Vegan Curry Wraps

Creamy curry wraps stuffed with vegetables. These wraps are Asian-inspired and are the perfect make-ahead lunch. The wraps taste even better the next day because the flavors are more infused into the chickpeas.

I’ve got a make-ahead lunch idea for you guys today. And it’s vegan! Yup, again. I’ve shared quite some vegan recipes with you guys (brownies, sushi, frappucino) so far but I’ve got to tell you I’m not vegan (yet) though. Currently, I don’t believe in a “one-way”-diet. I like to eat healthy by eating different kinds of meals; sometimes I eat vegan, sometimes vegetarian and on other days I eat meat/fish/poultry. I was inspired to create this recipe when I wanted to make a satisfying on-the-go meal for my dear little sister. She tries to eat vegan most of the time so I was determined to make a delicious vegan meal for her. I’m happy to say, she liked the wraps. Even my bf liked these wraps! And therefor, I need to share it with you guys too. 

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Seoul 2014 – 3x Korean BBQ

Anyone who goes to Seoul -or any part of South Korea actually- has to try Korean barbecue at least once. Korean barbecue  will be the “the bomb.com-dinner” of your vacation. Guaranteed. That is, if you’re not vegetarian ofcourse. As me and my boyfriend both are huge meatlovers (especially my bf hehe..), we enjoyed it to the fullest. The average Korean barbecue meal is a bit more expensive than most dinners you can have in Seoul. On average, I think we spent about Read more

(Vegetarian) Cheese omelette and spinach wrap

Delicious creamy cheese omelet combined with fresh spinach, mayonaise and tangy sun-dried tomatoes. All rolled in a flour tortilla to make the perfect wraps.

Phew, after weeks of hard work, we finally had a housewarming party. For me, the key ingredient to a party with more than 4 people is delicious bite-size food (a.k.a party food). And I decided to go all the way. I served: chicken quesedillas, vegetarian quesedillas, salmon wraps, vegetarian wraps, vietnamese spring rolls (with dipping sauce!), homemade cookies and cream puffs. Yes, all homemade. Starting early in the morning and finishing barely before the first guest arrived! I loved it. If only party food was my job… ♥ Oh, don’t worry, I will share all recipes with you guys.

Today, I will share the recipe for the vegetarian wraps. These were definitely a hit at my party: everyone loved it. Aside from the flavor, these are so easy to make too! One bite includes:  Read more