Things You Should Do For You | MINDFUL MONDAY

Most of us are prepared to do quite a lot for our loved ones. We’d probably do anything. I know I would anyway. But how much do you do for you? Do you ever do anything for yourself? Or are you that person that keeps doing things for others and forgets herself/himself in the process? Here’s a reminder of 5 things you should do (more) for yourself.

  1. Forgive yourself for mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s okay.
  2. Allow yourself to take a break. No responsibilities for a day. No chores, no work, no gym, no nothing. Just you.
  3. Give yourself a compliment. And do it out loud.
  4. Trust you can do it. Whether it’s a new or an old challenge. Trust yourself and tell yourself you can do it. Because you can.
  5. Say “no” more often. We all get many requests on a daily basis. Saying “yes” to all these things will exhaust you. So allow yourself to say no sometimes. Do it for you.

What did you do for yourself today?

Love, My Linh.

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