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Hi my lovely cutiepies! Whassupp? Everything going well? I’ve been experiencing some ups and downs lately (probably due to the winter), but I’m managing quite okay (I think). Life will get better if I just keep trying 🙂 Anyway, it has been a while since I’ve done one of my personal/mindstyle posts, so I thought I’d do one today. I’ve been having this topic on my mind for quite a while, but I just wasn’t sure how to put it down in words. I did write down some notes here and there, which I will try to put together as a whole in this post. Today, I want to do a heart-to-heart on feeling stuck in life.

As you might or might not know, I obtained my Master’s degree about 4 months ago. And not just me, but a bunch of other students graduated with me. So as we all finished University, a couple of us already had arranged a job, while others were landed into the “Where am I going in life?”-phase. As I looked around me, I saw this group of graduated students, all heading into different directions, including me. Although I had a job, I felt like I was stuck. Stuck in life. Not going backwards, but not moving forward either. I’m talking about the same boring thing everyday. A rut. So how did it get this far? Graduated, superb degree, loads of job- and life opportunities, but simply no movement in life. The answer is comfort. The comfort of no rejection, of no failure, of overthinking and -yes, also- the comfort of lazyness. Lazy feels safe and easy. Unfortunately, accomplishment is never born from safe and easy.


Now, how to change? There’s only one way and I’m going to give it to you straight: Get off that lazy ass and do something. “Something” that you want to achieve. Big or small. Start somewhere. NOW. Take action and keep looking forward. I’m not saying there won’t be failure, but failure also means movement and movement means you’re going somewhere. Whether it’s starting a blog, getting a job, getting fit or simply cooking daily homemade meals. Don’t think about it. Overthinking consumes your time, creates lame excuses and gets you nowhere. Just do it and start right this instance  (well, after you’re done reading anyway hehe…). Go ahead and start writing your first blogpost (who cares if no one reads, everyone starts somewhere). Call all those people you know for a job (what do you have to lose? Not a job anyway…). Hit the gym or get that workout dvd and pop it into the player. Now. And no matter how much you stumble and fall, promise yourself you’ll keep trying until you get to your goal.


All the above might sound like it’s “easier said than done”, but I can tell you from my own experience it’s really just about taking action right now. As someone with an anxiety disorder, I tend to overthink life quite a lot. More than you could imagine. I overthink the future so much, it amazes my boyfriend. He wonders where my brain finds the energy to fuss about such silly things. (Sometimes, I wonder too…) However, I’ve managed to force myself to do quite a few things straight away without thinking now. Months later, I’m starting to see all my hard work come to life: I’m developing recipes (including failed once), I’m writing on whatever topic I want (even if I feel like no one cares) and I’m slowly trying new stuff (even though anxiety still catches up on me sometimes). The good does not come without the bad.

So what I’m trying to say is: Feel like baking? No excuses, do it now. Maybe the recipe will flop, but only one way to find out. Feel like getting fit? No excuses, do it now. So what if it takes time? You’ll feel awesome afterwards. Do it now. Follow this simple rule and one day (sooner than you think), you will find yourself in a place you never thought you’d be. And once you’re there, you’ll want to keep fighting for it. If I can do it, you can definitely do it. Happiness of the heart is happiness of the mind. Time to take action.


My Linh

4 thoughts on “Time to take action | MINDFUL MONDAY

  1. You say it! Tomorrow an apple pie will be baked (even though the last one flopped quite hard)! Job offers aren’t everywhere and I so do not know what even to do with a diploma. How I see it, is day by day and the rest are sorrows for tommorow (or atleast for now).

    1. Totally agree! I’m trying to live day by day too. There’s no use in worrying about tomorrow. How did the apple pie turn out? I love apple pie by the way. Pair it with a huge dollop of whipped cream and we’re best friends hehe… I totally get what you mean regarding your career btw. 1 month (heck, 1 week) before graduating, I still had NO idea what I was going to do. Suddenly, my current job rolled into my life (which btw fits perfectly with my current future prospects). What needs to happen, will happen ^^

  2. Ben helemaal met je eens, gewoon het gaat doen. Ook al is het moeilijker dan gezegd, alle kleine beetjes helpen om je naar voren te brengen in het leven :).
    Het lijkt me zo vreemd, om na mijn ” schooltijd” opeens in de ” grote” mensen wereld te rollen. Maar hey, ik ben nog maar een eerstejaars en zie vanzelf wel wat er gaat gebeuren (:

    1. Inderdaad! 😀 Ja, ik snap wat je bedoelt hoor met “grote mensen wereld inrollen”, maar alles komt vanzelf op z’n pootjes terecht. Trust me. Ik werd er helemaal angstig van, maar was nergens voor nodig ^^”

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