Too Much To-Do

Hi guys. What’s up? Today, it’s my day off and I’m having one of those days where time seems to disappear into nothingness. Do you know what I mean? This morning, I woke up at 7.00 AM to hit the gym with my friend. After we finished at 11.00 AM, I drove to the supermarket for groceries, which took about 1 hour. At 12.30 PM, I had finally put away all the groceries and got ready to marinate some chicken breasts for next week’s lunches. I also made today’s lunch by the way (always eat well, no matter what 😉 ). Anyway, I’m not sure what I did between lunch and now, but somehow I managed to kill 3 hours without knowing it >.>

I woke up wanting to be productive. I wanted to clean the house (so much to clean, I will never finish it today!!), do the laundry (OMG, when? I still have to clean the house..), test recipes (my ideas probably aren’t original enough..), shoot foodporn (I don’t even have good ideas for recipes), write posts (pfff.. what should I write about?! Does anyone even want to read it?), design a layout (there’s not even enough time to get started on a front page), cook a good homemade dinner, and pamper myself (can’t even get the important stuff done…). But none of that has happened yet. You know why? Because I wanted to do too much. So much that my head just became numb. Numb from thinking too much about how/what/when/where… and from wanting too much. And all this together makes me feel useless and lazy. >.< In addition, I feel like my day’s almost over and I’ve wasted all my free time on… nothing. It’s not a good feeling.

BUT I’ve got to move on. I can’t retrieve the time I’ve already lost today, but I can make the rest of my time count so I won’t have even more regrets. The worst thing in life is to dwell on things you can’t change. It’s a productivity– and (more importantly) happiness-killer. So, as we speak, I’m telling myself to pick myself up. I’m not allowing myself to be a slave of my mind. I’m picking a top three from my to-do list: laundry, bake and clean living room + kitchen (see how I narrowed the “cleaning” down to a more specific and realizable goal?) and I’m going to do it immediately without thinking. No more wasting time on thinking. Let’s do this 😀


My Linh

How do you deal with “just too much”?

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