25 Ways To Make Someone Smile | MINDFUL MONDAY

The best feeling of happiness is when you’re happy because you’ve made somebody else happy.

1. Take him/her on a spontaneous trip
Spontaneous adventures are best.

2. Send snail mail at a random moment.
It’s always nice to receive a small gesture. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

3. Send/give a small gift at a random moment.
A small box of chocolates, a gift card.. it’s the thought that counts!

4. Cook a complete dinner.
Nothing tastes better than a free homemade meal.

5. Get his/her favorite snack/candybar and “hide” it in their bag.
So they can find it at work or school. The surprise element makes it extra special. Remember to hide it somewhere he/she will find it though. A candybar won’t taste as good 10 years later.. (Trust me.)

6. Give him/her a random call to ask how they’re doing.
Need I explain?

7. Make a fancy breakfast.
And serve it in bed. Best way to start a day!

8. Take him/her out for a treat (ice cream, cake..)
Everyone loves a free treat.

9. Buy (him/)her flowers.
Probably mostly for girls. But if you know a guy that likes flowers, it’s just as nice. I just don’t know any guys that like getting flowers..

10. Bake something delicious.
Homemade baked goods are probably the best gifts ever. Make his/her favorite cake, cookie or other sweet stuff.

11. Buy a cute frame and put a quirky photo of you guys together inside.
Just a reminder of your crazy, fun times!

12. Organize a day off.
Sometimes we need others to tell us we need to take a break.

13. Thank him/her for something small.
Everyone loves gratitude.

14. Give a compliment about something small.
A small gesture with big impacts. Compliments boost self-esteem and definitely make a heart smile.

15. Leave a compliment on a post-it somewhere he/she will find it.
The same as number 14 but with the element of surprise. Even better!

16. Reminisce about a fun story of you two.
Who doesn’t smile when thinking of crazy stuff they’ve done.

17. Deliver his/her favorite drink.
Just because.

18. Write a personal and handwritten letter.
Connect. Handwritten gives it a special touch.

19. Ask if he/she needs help with something and do it.
It’s nice to have a helping hand without asking sometimes.

20. Do a facial mask together.
Probably less likely for guys, but it could still be fun. No one has been sad from pretty skin.

21. Pick him/her up.
Instead of having to take public transportation. Own transportation is often so much more comfortable.

22. Make him/her a homemade warm beverage.
Do you watch Big Bang Theory? Sheldon will explain why.

23. Bring him/her a dish (when you know he/she is too busy to cook).
Great idea for a friend who recently became mummy. Even those who love to cook won’t say no to a delicious meal made by a friend!

24. Send a message you’re thinking of him/her.
Sometimes just a few words are enough.

25. Tell a corny joke.
Even if they’ll laugh at you (instead of with you): a smile is a smile.

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