Why we fail and keep failing

Have you guys tried Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans, yet? I saw these on the SacconeJoly’s a while back and got really curious! Unfortunately (or maybe not), I haven’t been able to find them in The Netherlands yet. Such a shame.. Although, I might want to skip on the “dirt” and “soap” beans! Or.. persuade my boyfriend to try it and catch it on video haha.. 😉 Let me know in the comments if you can tell me where to get these 😀

Anyway, I was checking my posts the other day and noticed it has been a while since my last mindstyle post. A very long while. It’s not that I didn’t have inspiration, but I was seriously just lacking time. A lot of time. Other important stuff was going on in my life and when I finally had the time to catch my breath, I decided to actually use the time for some breathing. But during the time I was busy, I was also confronted with the question “Why did I fail?”. So for today, that’s going to be our topic.

I’m sure everyone has experienced some kind of failure at least once in their life. Now, there are two kinds of people: people who claim to fail often and people who claim they’ve never failed. Some of you might say the amount of failures is determined by the amount of “luck”, but let me tell you: Life’s not about luck. The amount of failures is determined by our own mind. Let me give you an example:

I started lifting weights (and doing squats etc. etc.) with my boyfriend a few months ago. The thing with weight lifting is that you have to push yourself over your limit. The limit that says “this is not possible, you can’t do this”.  (Not just with lifting weights, but with any goal you’re trying to reach.) So when I just started lifting weights, I would always quit at that limit. “I can’t do it,” is what I gave as my excuse. And I would do this every single time. It caused me to have no progress and even feel bad about myself (“I can’t do anything”). Until one day, I had a discussion with my boyfriend. He made me realize that it wasn’t and actual limit I had reached, but it was the limit I had set so I could quit instead of fail. So the next day after our discussion, we went for another training at the gym. There was this moment where I thought “I can’t do this”, but I forced myself to think I could. Guess what? I finished the whole routine.

What I’m trying to say is: don’t let your head fool you. The limit you think you’ve reached, it probably isn’t your limit. I’m not just talking about going to the gym, but about any goal you set. Set-backs do not equal failure. Faith in yourself is the strongest tool. If you believe, you will make it happen. They say “Try hard or die trying” Well, it’s really true. When you feel like you’re failing or have failed, ask yourself: Will I die if I give it another shot? Be brutally honest with yourself. If the answer is “no”, you know what you’ll have to do! 😉 Give it your best shot!


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